Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Will there be a Wallstreet.??

So what does Wallstreet represent in this world..??

Wallstreet is a street in Newyork in America where the american stockmarket takes place.
Now it is the place where buyers and sellers meet, and decide on the prices, where most stocks are traded on exchanges.People on the trading floor are buying and selling some of the exchanges where the transactions are taking place.

  The other exchange is virtual, consisting of networks of computers where trades are being made electronically.

Now within an equal money system we will use the electronic part of the stockmarket. And we are not going to use it as the specialists are using it now, matching buyers and sellers, where the prices are being determined using a so-called auction method. Within this auction method they are using the current price as the highest amount any buyer is willing to pay and the lowest price someone is willing to sell. In this alone one can see the deception and the lie, because it is all fictional. In an equal money system prices of products and goods will not go up or down, because we will be dealing with the production price alone of any given product or goods. and the products and goods will be available because they are needed and required to support life, and not to make a profit. Profit-making will be a thing of the past in an equal money system.  All the prices will be the same world wide. Understand that all this is just for the smooth progress of the distribution of products and goods to reach their final destinations all over the world.

So within an equal money system Wallstreet will not exist, only the supercomputers that are being used there now to make a profit  for some individuals and companies and corporations will be programmed to support life. Buying and selling one can look at it as a means of facilitating the products and goods around the world in an orderly fashion to support life. Right now buying and selling has a tendency of paying for your DEBT link to them, and in an equal money system buying and selling are linked to GIVING, a point of exchanging gifts as our shared talents to support life.

Investigate: www.equalmoney.org and www.desteni.co.za


Larry Manuela

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