Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Will there be a Wallstreet.??

So what does Wallstreet represent in this world..??

Wallstreet is a street in Newyork in America where the american stockmarket takes place.
Now it is the place where buyers and sellers meet, and decide on the prices, where most stocks are traded on exchanges.People on the trading floor are buying and selling some of the exchanges where the transactions are taking place.

  The other exchange is virtual, consisting of networks of computers where trades are being made electronically.

Now within an equal money system we will use the electronic part of the stockmarket. And we are not going to use it as the specialists are using it now, matching buyers and sellers, where the prices are being determined using a so-called auction method. Within this auction method they are using the current price as the highest amount any buyer is willing to pay and the lowest price someone is willing to sell. In this alone one can see the deception and the lie, because it is all fictional. In an equal money system prices of products and goods will not go up or down, because we will be dealing with the production price alone of any given product or goods. and the products and goods will be available because they are needed and required to support life, and not to make a profit. Profit-making will be a thing of the past in an equal money system.  All the prices will be the same world wide. Understand that all this is just for the smooth progress of the distribution of products and goods to reach their final destinations all over the world.

So within an equal money system Wallstreet will not exist, only the supercomputers that are being used there now to make a profit  for some individuals and companies and corporations will be programmed to support life. Buying and selling one can look at it as a means of facilitating the products and goods around the world in an orderly fashion to support life. Right now buying and selling has a tendency of paying for your DEBT link to them, and in an equal money system buying and selling are linked to GIVING, a point of exchanging gifts as our shared talents to support life.

Investigate: www.equalmoney.org and www.desteni.co.za


Larry Manuela

Sunday, 23 October 2011

War crimes and equal money system.

First of all, before i continue with my blog here, i must address that WAR in itself will not exist in an equal money system. War in all it's manifested forms is a crime against life, all life. No matter how much one belief that one is protecting oneself and one's family or nation, war is always in all ways  a criminal activity. So if you who are reading this are a soldier or was a soldier understand that you are and you were a criminal and you actively participated in killing other human beings for whatever reason you may want to justify what you did as a soldier. War is totally unacceptable..!!! We should not even be talking about this bullshit, but for now we have to, because we have accepted and allowed ourselves to fall so low, that we are ready at any given moment to destroy other people's lives and all in the name of greed and power.To protect our so-called freedoms from others.

Now the whole lot of justice systems in this world have laws that are against criminals that commit crimes when they were participating in war abroad or in their own country. The stupidity/absurdity of this alone is beyond imagination. First of all the laws are accepting and allowing war to exist, we even have a defence minister for crying out loud and allowing soldiers to be trained to kill people, that is their jobs, that is what they are being drilled to do, and finally when they do go out and perform what they have been drilled to do, and they get a little more crazier( fun in their terminology) than expected they are being prosecuted for doing so. There is just no justice at all in all this none sense. The laws are then prescribing that killing is o.k. and it should happen only in an orderly fashion, in this case, to kill other soldiers or anyone whom are consider to be the enemy.

The very industry that supports war in itself is not being prosecuted at all. I am talking about the law makers, the weapon engineers, all the tax-payers, the government, every high and low ranking officer in war, including every soldier or marine or special forces, everyone and each is responsible for a war to take place in this world, even the countries who are not involved where the war is taking place, you know: ''ground zero''

In an equal money system all these people will be institutionalized  and  be supported and assisted to deprogram themselves using the tools of self-forgiveness and self-honesty, corrective application and breathing, till they can stand as one as equals to all life. So those who are in jail right now, will just be relocated into institutions where they will be educated how to live for real in this world practically without harming nor abusing life in anyways whatsoever. Of course there are those who have completely lost it, that cure is no more possible, these people will just be institutionalized and supported in the best way possible till the day will come and they breathe their last breath.

Jail in there manifested form will not exist in an equal money system, only institutions for rehabilitation.

Criminals who has been sentenced in jail for having done cruel crimes, hard core crimes, like killing other people, raping and abusing, will go directly in the rehabilitation institutions in this world to be educated on how to live as one as equals in a society where only equals live. And criminals who has been sentenced because they have stolen or have been dealing in drugs will be let free, but must go to the re-education just like any other human being is going to be going through, again to learn to live as equals here in this physical reality, practically. And they are going to have to proof it by their living application to show if they understood what they have learned,and that they can be trusted with life. Understand that this is a process that every individual human being is going to go through, all are going to learn how to live practically without harming nor abusing life in it's entirety, thus a complete re-education will take place. The educational system will be completely new.

There will be only one law, and that is: '' what is best for all life always in all ways, everywhere''

Every decision is going to be based on that one law, every thing made and produced to, always taking all life in consideration. The engineers and scientists who are right now building weapons will also go through the re-educational program and will use their talents to come up with machines that support and assist all life for the benefit of all life at the utmost degree that they are capable to perform in a given moment. Everything will be given to them, there will be no limits as is of right now, everything will be provided for, for them to come-up and built the best possible equipment or machines to support and assist all life.

Those who are soldiers right now and that have learn how to build roads and bridges and learn how to assist within difficult times, will be given their talents to restore the damage we all have done in this world and will help rebuilding the structures and will also be very helpful in distribution of necessary needs in the places that are right now without any. So those of you who believe that in an equal money system there will be nothing to do and all the none sense, as you can see, there will be a lot of work to be done in the initial stages to put everything in gear for the world that will be the place where life is dignified for every living creature.

Want to know more in detail..??

Investigate: www.equalmoney.org and www.desteni.co.za


Larry Manuela

Friday, 14 October 2011


When i looked within me i see how the more i have come to see the filth that we have created, how angry i became at myself and others as me, for we all are not taking our responsibilities for what we do and don't do.

The anger of the knowing that children are being raped.
The anger that children are dying in wars fought by/through adults.
The anger of children dying, because they have no food to eat.
The anger of those of us who are ''believing'' we are good people, because we follow some
stupid believe, that tell us that because we believe it, we are ''good people'' when the whole world is fucked, and ignored by and through these same bullshit believes.
The anger that politicians and voters are all deluded, and delusional to believe that they can somehow change what is natural in the system as the system by using system tools of old, rooted in greed and deception and lies when knowing they never worked.
The anger to see how we rest ourselves in believes instead of living life, this is all you can do with and as life, you can only live it, and only living it is beyond greatness.
The anger that we don't care for life, and yet our human physical body is an expression of/as life.
The anger that we believe we are incapable to do something about it, because it is too overwhelming, too out of our reach so to speak, when it is all created by and through our own participation in it, either directly or indirectly.
The anger to always wanting to save your ass, and not to save all asses.
The anger to exploit children to prostitution.
The anger of indulging in prostitution and pornography and explicit sexual contextual images and thoughts.
The anger of leaving it all for the sake of some God of sorts to sort it all out, but not me...!!!
The anger to choose your mind above life.
The anger to put importance in what is rooted in/as your mind in separation to life.
The anger to intoxicate yourself with alcohol  and all kinds of drugs, creating more mental bullshit in order to try to escape in your mind the reality your body is going through and not only yours, but all bodies.

I can keep on going forever with these anger that i felt once, but little by little i am receding them with being as my breath here, where reality has it's being.

Learn self-forgiveness, and be self-honest in this and breathe your way through in your application of living your self-forgiveness, so you become a real example of how to live as living actual physical expression in this physical reality.

Join us at: www.desteni.co.za  and www.equalmoney.org  and  www.desteniiprocess.com
Here you will learn how to be a practical with a lot of care human being for once and for all.


Larry Manuela

Was it that Jesus died for your sins, or Jesus died for the forgiveness of your sins...??

A long time ago this was a discussion between me and a friend of mine, it was a time when i was very much into studying the bible, looking for answers and trying to give meaning to all the shit that is HERE.

So the discussion we were having was about Jesus dying for our sins, or Jesus dying so that our sins can be forgiven. According to the bible my friend was right, that Jesus died for the forgiveness of our sins, but by looking back at this bullshit right now in common sense, there are lots of points within this discussion. Why..??

First of all Jesus being a scapegoat and second the whole concept of needing to be of sin, being a sinful person, a kind of debt you have to pay to god. Thirdly Jesus cannot personally delete the shit you have done using forgiveness, it is a tool that you have to use yourself, and walk/live your forgiveness for it to be valid. And the world is the proof for this, because Jesus was killed but yet all is the same and even getting worse with each passing day, or better yet, with each passing hours, soon it will become minutes and than seconds. Soon to become the perfect compounded effect of all of our abdication of our responsibilities. The great fucked up consequences we have been creating since day one. If our input was ''what is best for all'' since day one, our output(consequences) would have been the same: ''what is best for all''

Right now our input is: ''what is best for me, and fuck the rest'' so our output is exactly that the rest being fucked by me. All the me's that have a best way of living, and this is just to say so, because in reality those who are looking like they are having and living as the best are all controlled by/through money, without that money they are nothing, their lives have no meaning. They will not know how to live. They only know how to fuck others so their lives can look like they are living as the best.

So my friend was implying that Jesus died so God can than through Jesus death forgive us for what we have done. What the fuck...!!

With this God is than saying and implying to the believer that only an INNOCENT, because Jesus was innocent had no sins as the rest, have to be sacrificed in order for God to so-called forgive those who believe in ''him,'' those who do not believe in him who created them in the first place are going to be left out, are going to be fucked by this so-called God of goodness, God of love.

So in this bible you have lots of contradictions, because here you have Jesus telling people to forgive one another and yet, he himself as an innocent must give his own life as an innocent for the forgiveness to work, so in other words, you have to come to a point of being innocent for the forgiveness to work. So how the fuck is this Jesus in the bible expecting the sinners to forgive one another when the fuckers are all not innocent at all...?? They're all living as sinners according to the bible, and sinners can't forgive no-one because you have to be innocent. That is why Jesus told the masses to; ' to let the children come to me'

So our children are pure expressions of innocence, when we rape them and take their innocence away by teaching them the ways of the world, the ways of the system of the world, where the so-called SINNERS are teaching the INNOCENT how to become SINNERS.  How fucked-up is this..!!

So you can see in the paragraph above that all is in reverse, it is us the grown-ups who have to learn from the children how to become innocent again. I don't think there is a big enough jail in this world to hold all the sinners of this world as parents who are raping the hell out of their own children in this world.

So let us use forgiveness as a tool and correct ourselves from all the misconceptions and delusions we have created in this world and stop believing in whatever, and start living for real. And let us learn from our children instead of raping them all the time of their innocence.

Investigate: www.desteni.co.za        and   www.equalmoney.org 


Larry Manuela

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Some common sense perspectives.

If God is omniscience, why then allow suffering of the innocent, and suffering in all sense of the word..??
If God is omnipotent, why isn't he/she/it doing something, taking his/her/it's responsibility for creating all of what exists....???
If God is omnipresent, he/she/it, can not say i wasn't there, because he/she/it is everywhere..??

Now everywhere means what...?? he/she/it is the smallest particles there are, and even there where they all become bigger. He/she/it is there where all the energies are, all the kinds of energies imaginable and not imaginable.

Do we believe we understand life..??  Or do we believe that life is only those things that have a language that makes sound, the rest that doesn't make sound is not of life, but yet those little atoms have come together and form all the forms that are here, and some forms may have a voice, a sound, a movement, you know what you human understand as movement in relation to your comparison, as how you walk and talk and have your vocal cords and stuff like that.

Take a look at your human physical body. It is only through your mouth that you have a voice, i mean that your mind can hear, through your ears on the side of your head, the rest of the parts of your body you can't hear them, and yet all of them together with your ears and mouth and everything else is made out of the same atoms that has become molecules and cells you name it, till they reached the final form of one particular form. It can be your nail, the hairs on your arms and legs, whatever form individually it doesn't matter, they are all of the same substance which we call MATTER.

So now these little things are coming together and because of them coming together their form changes, because they are now a group of individuals forming something together, and we give name to all the groups that they form together, and the group now becomes one individual but yet it's form is made out of lots of other individuals so that it can have it's individuality. So it's individuality is very strong dependent on the togetherness of the parts that made it the individual that it is, but it cannot exist as individual without the parts that are also individuals on their own.

So let us now move to one of those individuals that has become an individual because of lots and lots and lots of individual parts coming together so it can also have it's individuality.......a.k.a.= the human, and specifically that human physical body. Now as the human physical body we can see that those little guys are doing a very good job and they have something to teach us, that oneness and equality is what they are showing, expressing through the very holding together the whole human physical body and all working together for each human physical body to have it's own so-called: individuality.

So those little guys did not only come together to form just human physical bodies, they have also come together to form other physical expressions or bodies, but that we as humans will not see as bodies, we will see them as (things).

Now i am putting this here in a very simple way, so you guys can keep up with the understanding of how there must be something that is somehow interfering within this togetherness that in itself has no war going on, no hate, no judgement, they just come together and express themselves freely.

So the problem the very thing we are using to question these things is the problem, that is what is not included within all this togetherness that is going on, all this oneness and equality that is going on beneath the surface of this MIND delusion.

The very fact, that you are reading this, and the very fact that you are understanding this, is the very fact that you are lost, because you are unaware of that language, that togetherness, that oneness and equality that you as a human physical body is. But yet you talk of the human physical body as less then what you believe yourself to be, and yet you can't even communicate with that which you are formed from. You can't communicate with any part of your body, you don't even understand it. And remember the you i am talking to right now, is the you of your mind, not the you as the human physical body, that you, you do not know what it is, because you have never lived as it yet, you are only abusing it, so you can believe yourself to be more then it, but yet without it, there is no YOU possible, you won't be able to see these letters.

So you that reads this, understand that you must become aware of you as that mind that you are right now, in order for you to then see why it is you are not part of all the parts that come together to form oneness and equality, how it is you never understood it, and how it is you don't see it as life.

Can you imagine if you could made out of the ocean lots and lots of different forms, but yet they will be of the ocean as different forms. You can form a human form, a elephant form, a dear form, a house form, a sun form, all kinds of form, but yet they will all have the same substance that will be the ocean. That would be their oneness and equality. So if the human form decides to kill or harm itself and other forms would it not be killing and harming itself as the ocean which is it's substance...??

So you and i, we need to wake-up, and start taking our responsibility for what we have created, abusing the FORMS that we are. This is all we are doing as MIND robots.Harming and destroying forms, nothing else, and this must STOP, and we must do this together as oneness and equality as our physical bodies are showing through their expression as us, as the physical body that we are.


Larry Manuela

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Shameful gesture.

Today when i was cycling to work, and i always take the root through the park, because it shortens my way to work.
Now as i was in the park, i saw a girl sitting on the pathway, and the bicycle was thrown next to her and a boy was standing next to her and she was like reaching, extending her hands to him, trying to grab his pants, and as i got closer and closer i was looking at the boys face, to see if i can find any  bad intentions within his face, because one never knows..??  It could have been that he was trying to abuse this girl, so i looked at him to find any dubious expression in his face, and try and find a way to stop whatever then. But at as i was getting closer and closer and i could see that it was about relationship. And as many of us know, it was certainly about the break of a relationship between two people. In the face expression of the guy i could see, that he was looking down at the girl and thinking: ''shit, what now...should i pick her up or should i leave her...?''

But in his face was also the expression of ''feeling sorry'' for her. So when i was next to them i saw that the girl was drunk and was crying and was asking, or more like begging him to not to leave her. And as i was cycling to them i was already breathing and taking care of my 4 count breath, but at the moment i was close enough to them and i could see that the girl was drunk and stuff, and i saw how she was crying and begging, a thought pop-up in my mind: '' maybe she have done, something in the bar tonight because she was drunk and the guy got jealous and angry and want to leave her now.''  and also: '' how much lower can someone go and get in order to find out that love is not real..?''    And i must say i felt a little shame for her and also petty for both of them to have fallen for the love drug.

This little moment made me realize even more that love is certainly a very effective drug, that can make you do harmful things to your physical body.

The day i will be in an agreement with someone or not, love would be something i know must be cultivated and be understood equally in each person for us to have a sane and fruitful relationship otherwise, above scenarios are going to continue happening all over the place.

Self-forgiveness on the thoughts:

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to have the thought about the guy in the park when i project my thought on to him and thought to myself that this guy must be thinking: ''shit, what now........should i pick her up or should i leave her..??'' when in reality he might not have been thinking that at or something completely different.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to connect the the thought:  ''shit, what now........should i pick her up or should i leave her..??'' with the visual content that was being portrayed in front of me.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to have the thought: '' how much lower can someone go and get in order to find out that love is not real..?? ''

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to have the thought:  '' maybe she have done something in the bar tonight because she was drunk and the guy got jealous and angry and want to leave her now.''

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to judge these two people without even having a talk to them to see what was really happening.

I forgive myself  for accepting and allowing myself to have thought in relation to what i see.

 Self-corrective statements:

I realize that i let myself judge others when i encounter myself into possible scenarios of harm.

I realize that love makes one do strange and stupid things.

I realize that no matter what i think for them going through the whole event or moment is not gonna change anything for them.

Self-corrective application:

Whenever i see myself in scenarios with possibility of someone getting hurt i just breathe, and do what is necessary to be done if there is harm going on, because if not so, i am only mind fucking myself with thoughts that may or may not be at all what is really busy happening.


Larry Manuela

Saturday, 1 October 2011

the problem with believes.

I had a simple realization today about believes.

People who are believers and it can be whatever they believe, all are dependent on the physical reality to validate their believes, they want to proof it by using some form of physical realism.

For example, those who are religious will validate their believes on the book and what is written within the books, which are physical and the only things that are real in this, is the books and the words as written down in ink. The story, that is written with the ink in the books is not real, and they can't proof it and so rely on the book and the written words in ink to validate that it must be true their story they believe in. Very funny.......lol

So no matter what they do,they have to use the physical reality. And yet they don't want to accept the physical as real and of importance.


Larry Manuela