Thursday, 13 October 2011

Some common sense perspectives.

If God is omniscience, why then allow suffering of the innocent, and suffering in all sense of the word..??
If God is omnipotent, why isn't he/she/it doing something, taking his/her/it's responsibility for creating all of what exists....???
If God is omnipresent, he/she/it, can not say i wasn't there, because he/she/it is everywhere..??

Now everywhere means what...?? he/she/it is the smallest particles there are, and even there where they all become bigger. He/she/it is there where all the energies are, all the kinds of energies imaginable and not imaginable.

Do we believe we understand life..??  Or do we believe that life is only those things that have a language that makes sound, the rest that doesn't make sound is not of life, but yet those little atoms have come together and form all the forms that are here, and some forms may have a voice, a sound, a movement, you know what you human understand as movement in relation to your comparison, as how you walk and talk and have your vocal cords and stuff like that.

Take a look at your human physical body. It is only through your mouth that you have a voice, i mean that your mind can hear, through your ears on the side of your head, the rest of the parts of your body you can't hear them, and yet all of them together with your ears and mouth and everything else is made out of the same atoms that has become molecules and cells you name it, till they reached the final form of one particular form. It can be your nail, the hairs on your arms and legs, whatever form individually it doesn't matter, they are all of the same substance which we call MATTER.

So now these little things are coming together and because of them coming together their form changes, because they are now a group of individuals forming something together, and we give name to all the groups that they form together, and the group now becomes one individual but yet it's form is made out of lots of other individuals so that it can have it's individuality. So it's individuality is very strong dependent on the togetherness of the parts that made it the individual that it is, but it cannot exist as individual without the parts that are also individuals on their own.

So let us now move to one of those individuals that has become an individual because of lots and lots and lots of individual parts coming together so it can also have it's individuality.......a.k.a.= the human, and specifically that human physical body. Now as the human physical body we can see that those little guys are doing a very good job and they have something to teach us, that oneness and equality is what they are showing, expressing through the very holding together the whole human physical body and all working together for each human physical body to have it's own so-called: individuality.

So those little guys did not only come together to form just human physical bodies, they have also come together to form other physical expressions or bodies, but that we as humans will not see as bodies, we will see them as (things).

Now i am putting this here in a very simple way, so you guys can keep up with the understanding of how there must be something that is somehow interfering within this togetherness that in itself has no war going on, no hate, no judgement, they just come together and express themselves freely.

So the problem the very thing we are using to question these things is the problem, that is what is not included within all this togetherness that is going on, all this oneness and equality that is going on beneath the surface of this MIND delusion.

The very fact, that you are reading this, and the very fact that you are understanding this, is the very fact that you are lost, because you are unaware of that language, that togetherness, that oneness and equality that you as a human physical body is. But yet you talk of the human physical body as less then what you believe yourself to be, and yet you can't even communicate with that which you are formed from. You can't communicate with any part of your body, you don't even understand it. And remember the you i am talking to right now, is the you of your mind, not the you as the human physical body, that you, you do not know what it is, because you have never lived as it yet, you are only abusing it, so you can believe yourself to be more then it, but yet without it, there is no YOU possible, you won't be able to see these letters.

So you that reads this, understand that you must become aware of you as that mind that you are right now, in order for you to then see why it is you are not part of all the parts that come together to form oneness and equality, how it is you never understood it, and how it is you don't see it as life.

Can you imagine if you could made out of the ocean lots and lots of different forms, but yet they will be of the ocean as different forms. You can form a human form, a elephant form, a dear form, a house form, a sun form, all kinds of form, but yet they will all have the same substance that will be the ocean. That would be their oneness and equality. So if the human form decides to kill or harm itself and other forms would it not be killing and harming itself as the ocean which is it's substance...??

So you and i, we need to wake-up, and start taking our responsibility for what we have created, abusing the FORMS that we are. This is all we are doing as MIND robots.Harming and destroying forms, nothing else, and this must STOP, and we must do this together as oneness and equality as our physical bodies are showing through their expression as us, as the physical body that we are.


Larry Manuela

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