Saturday, 9 July 2011


Now i am going to talk about control for a moment here.

Let me talk about my own first and from there move out tho the so-called world outside.
When i was a little boy, i could say right now, now that i am a grown-up person as they say,
that i lived my life very much trying to be in control of it.
I think most people can say the same if they are self-honest enough.

So i liked soccer allot, and was good at it to, was training very hard at the things i believed that if i could
control these i can become very good at the whole game, and those things were: ball handling, precise target shooting, and the technique to outrun other players with the ball. To me these were the major things in this little game that i was concentrating and putting my attention to and on.

When it came to studying i wasn't much of a real fan of studying, because i saw that as something very boring, in the sense that i was not being given real answers about real issues that are apparent in this world. I wanted to really understand things, the why things are the way they are and the how things are the way they are. And mostly it was questions regarding life itself.

So when i came here to so-called; study in this country( The Netherlands), was where i really had the opportunity to engage in finding the answers i was not  being given or at least had the chance to explore and investigate them for myself which did not happen in early learning school. I can say now when i look back at how i lived till now, that my interests were always in life itself, i found it always fascinating to know about this what apparently if one uses common sense could see that no-one truly know what life is. There are so many definitions and ways people tend to look at life but all of it doesn't seem what it should be. I had this urge that there is something more, but couldn't grasp this something more that i miss, something was not clear about all this life topic.

So lets move to our topic here, because i wander i little away from the topic here at hand, which is: ''control.''

When i look at myself in how i am trying to control what happens to me or how i am in a moment experiencing myself i can see, that whatever the situation may be that i am finding myself into, is already here and i can't get out of it when it is happening right here, right now. and then i mean before i sometimes would get angry and hostile if i don't get to do or experience something as was intending, the outcome is not at all of what i expected. And within this, one then tries to control the situation but end up loosing anyway, because to try to control it i found out, it get out of control and yet what is really happening is, you are just going trough a consequence that you created yourself either directly or indirectly, but yet still it is all your creation, your participation.

So now within the money situation within this world there to people are trying to control it.
From those who are so-called in control of the flow, i mean how to get most, if not all of the money flow to them. These people we call them the upper elite. We are the elites, with this i mean those of us who has a job, a house, are living a so-called: ''good life.''

But all of us together are individually trying to control the whole situation where we have created it ourselves together and find ourselves now in the middle of all this situation what is going on in this world. Where people are doing whatever it takes to have that thing called: ''money.''  and why..??  Because we have come to give money so much value and use it as a point of control and a point of survival, something to use in order to survive in this world, and place this above life itself.
And within all this our starting point was fear. Now out of fear we have created a system where we are attempting to bring love in, when we can all see in common sense that love can never be found nor lived in a system created in fear, based on the premisses of fear.  So this means if we are trying to control anything, then control itself must also be an outflow of and within the system created and sustained by and through fear.

At my work yesterday i was observing peoples reactions with themselves and also with me and could see within me how i to use to be like this, and with this  i mean; having reactions that are mean and nasty and hostile, because of not having control over a situation or thing.

Where i work we make specific plastic bags, that are used more for conservation of liquids and or foods in liquid form. Now when one works at the machines one must look for 12 apparent flaws that can occur when the machine is making the bags, and understand that all this must be done in matters of seconds, very fast. Now what happened was that there was a flaw in some of the bags, and i didn't see it.
Because of this the lady that was working the machine got angry and was shouting and being mean and the rest of the bullshit. Now if i were what i used to be, that woman would have had allot of problems with me, but now because i have found desteni and i understand why we act and behave in certain ways i can just breathe and let it go and do my self-forgiveness about how I perceive the whole  situation and also how i felt and thought about the whole thing when the whole scenario was playing out.

Now about the control topic in this matter is the following:
The lady was being angry just because this means that she is going to have allot of weight in garbage, which is something that they don't like to have, because the supervisors are going to ask them why they produced so much garbage and stuff and they always prefer to look good so their job is secure, and obviously their money.  So this whole getting angry and shouting and throwing things around because things didn't go her way is about fear, the fear of ''what if.''    what if they send my ass home because i didn't produce as i should have, as they ordered me to. Now all this i can understand, because i can see myself within this person and how it is possible that someone can react like that based on fear.

The funny part about all this and also the common sense is that no matter how you get afterwards, with this i mean after something happened already, when it comes to becoming emotional won't change what happened already. Because being mad and shouting is not going to make the situation nor the problem go away, because you are then in the middle of the consequence. And afterwards I learned that not only i made a mistake of not seeing the flaw in the bag, but that she also did not install the required program of the machine correctly which is the cause of the apparent flaw in the bag that is so small that one can almost not see with the naked eye. But then again all this won't change a thing about what already happened, because it is already

Now when it comes to our monetary system, they way it works, the way it functions by participating actively in it either you are on the side of those who have or on the side of those who don't have, we all participate in it. We are the ones making it all happen, we are giving the system as it is power. We created a system of abuse a system apparently of control, and by control i mean we wanted to control our survival and some smart ass fucker(s) came up with this ideal of making a system where they would be better off then others, forgetting the fact of the matter that they to are going to be living in this same system that they created,never for a second knowing at all that same system will one day control themselves as they want to use it to control others through and by this system. So the time to face the consequences of that is now here, and there is no where to run and no where to hide, because you already did created the whole thing in the past and now you are just going to go through the consequences of doing just that. So exactly what happened to me at work is going to happen to this upper elite and everybody else. Using the analogy or example of the machine; '' you already install an incorrect program into the computer and this will cause the product to be  flawed.'' So now we are together at the stage where we will collectively experience and go through the consequences of what we already created in the long past. We created money based on debt and this means that we are now going to go through all the consequences of that system creation, that doesn't support life at all, because the so-called smart asses couldn't see and still can't see the consequences of their creation.

To have control is to be out of control, that is what i would say and it is also living a very limited life so limited that life is not even being considered.

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Larry Manuela

Saturday, 2 July 2011

me and you and them

Some common sense using ordinary words.

You can't be like me, otherwise it won't be you.
You can only be you, if you know who you is.
when you find out who you is, you will see the me
that all the them's are saying they are, all individual you's as me's.

So you will realize that in them all of them is a you that is me.
And all the you's will say if you ask them: ''i am'' ''it's me''
But none of the you's will see that in them is the me that is in all of them.

But as you's, they will kill allot of other you's to proof to themselves that them is not me.
But in this their numbers as them is diminishing, when they kill all the other you's that also say like them; ''it's me''

So if you were not them and you kill them it will not be possible for them to become less as you's, because they were
suppose to not be you, who walk around as all the me's.

Could it be that simple that just because we have the words: me, you and them  makes it possible for us to not be us. In this case the word us is much more powerful and denotes more oneness and equality then: me and you and them...........but if you add: me+ you+ them= us................right..??

So why does me and you and them kill each other when it is all us....??


Larry Manuela