Friday, 3 February 2012

2012 When Are We Going To Cut The Crap With HELP...???

This word HELP is one of the most abusive words in human history,because it entails taking no actual action towards SOLUTION. It is a word that accept and allow a particular problem to continue being HERE, when the problem is well known and that it needs to be solved.

Now understand that i am NOT saying don't help.....!!!  I am saying to NOT act as if HELP is a SOLUTION....!!

Let's take for instance; 'poverty' this is a major problem HERE on planet Earth. This is a problem that needs and have to be solved, not helped, by helping the problem, is accepting and allowing the problem to exist and continue existing. That is why no matter how much is spent on donating to charities in this world, relating to poverty, nothing will change and has never changed, because you were HELPING poverty in this case to continue existing. You didn't want to eradicate it, maybe your wish or intent was so, but you were ignorant by/through your feeling of ''being a good person.''

We have another problem that is called: ''WAR.''  This war has taken many forms throughout history, and it is always about killing. That is all you do in war, you kill others or they kill you. So how the heck is one able to HELP those who are so called; 'weak' with something that it's soul purpose is to kill people, and not only people, because animals and plants will be destroyed to in the whole event/process of war. It is destruction of life on many levels. But yet here again we act as if we can use WAR to help others, when war should be banned completely from the face of the earth. In the situation to this, ''war'' is being seen as the act of doing something good. It can be from believing that one is protecting one's country and family and freedoms to saving other people from some other crazy person, some dictator or evil ruler. In the case of WAR, ''help'' is completely out of place, because something that is not supporting life at all is being seen as if it is saving life and even bringing peace. When in reality you just destroyed life and made sure that those left behind will be living in hate towards yourself and others like you, where they to one day maybe will take their revenge of what you have done to the people they loved.

Then we have ''help'' in the medical industry. Here it is also another major problem, because your illness is being seen as something that needs to be helped instead of something that needs to be cured, and in this word ''cured'' it will mean to solve the problem that is existent which is the illness. They relief you from pain maybe, but they can't take it away, making sure it is gone and doesn't exist anymore. There are some cases where they remove some damaged portions out of your body through surgery and that is it.

And now let us have a look at MONEY itself within the context and relationship with this word ''help.''
The very fact that one needs money to be able to live in this world and from there move into a situation where one must be required some help in relation to that money, is all in itself an atrocity of major bullshit.

Of all the money problems we have, money itself have never really took us in the direction of living a dignified life, it has accumulated the problems of NOT living a dignified life even more. For those who have money they will open their big mouth and say the contrary of course. Money is NOT solving the problem of poverty. Money is NOT solving the problem of unemployment. Money is NOT solving the problem within the human as it manifest as greed. Money is NOT solving the problem of the deforestation that is going on. Money is NOT solving the poisoning of the oceans and the soil. Money is NOT solving drive to competition within men. Money is NOT solving the scarcity of housing in the world. Money is NOT solving the scarcity of water in this world. Money is NOT solving the political disputes about money and social orders in this world. Money is NOT solving anything related to money in this world and believe me, everything is related to money in this world system created by/through men.

That is why we at desteni have reasons enough to suggest a new system where money will not be a stumbling block but a means to support life equally for every individual and everything, through the relationship of the individual(human) to the others lifeforms
You can call it Utopia all you want, or whatever you want, but let us try and live it, because that is one thing we never did live Utopia to see if it can be lived for real, it was never our aspiration and commitment. It was only a dream in some individuals who wanted it HERE, but the majority only wanted it after dead. They wanted it in the HEREafter.

It is about time to be HERE and live HERE


Larry Manuela

All we are asking of you humanity is let this word ''humanity'' be as what it implies, all of us as humans one and equal, HERE.

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Thursday, 12 January 2012

2012, When the Anger Grows more.........

Have you noticed that little boy crying in the middle of the streets because father, mother and sister died, shot dead by enemy soldiers invading their country, because in their country they have something of value for the enemy, because in the country of the enemy there are a lot of people who are like drug addicts looking for the next high in whatever form of energy. They live a rich life in a system of abuse, in a system where the few rules over the majority.

what would happen to this little boy...??  would he become a soldier to later on and do his best to vengeance his family's death..?? Most probably he will have so much hate in him that it will consume him to the brink of killing someone. What would you do if you were in his shoes..??

Have you noticed the little girl with his little brother looking in the piles of waste on the waste land, to see if they can find some food the rich threw away, and can still be edible. While they are searching for this edible food they are also playing and for an outsider like for example a christian they will say: '' look at them, they are poor but yet  very happy''   Are they happy, because they are playing and laughing doing things all kids do...?? How dare you to believe this bullshit and even open your mouth and say such atrocities..!!

Have you noticed the old cripple lady looking all worried, counting her last cents she has, because the government has taken very harsh austerity measures to insure that the banks stay alive, because the banks are more valuable then life, they MUST be number ONE when it comes to saving something of value. Never mind the people, it doesn't matter if we can squeeze some more little money they have got left out of them,they can handle it, they were always very, very good slaves, they always do whatever we tell them to do, they never complain. So let that old cripple lady be worried, they are used to being worried anyways. No big thing at all.

Have you noticed how the rapers are seeking more pleasures these days...?? the anger in them grow so much because they are being noticed and because of this they are going on a more brutal hunting for little girl or boys, trying their best to lash out brutally to get their fantastic moment of extreme excitement, extreme energy possession in the form of orgasm, wonderful isn't it...?? All those pastors who had in one way or another swing their digs in some poor girl or boy's faces, treating them as sex slaves, in the name of their great religion, their powerful God.

Have you noticed the crazy hype of those whom are ready to ascend to greater planes of existence, because of their believes of themselves being ready and that they have learnt their lessons. But did they really learn anything...?? because last time i checked the whole earth is in a  complete mess, and none of these ''wishing ascended fuckers'' have done anything, that i would consider: ''job well done, mission accomplished..!!'' It is a complete  failure, so if one of you who is ready to ascend understand that you will be going to that place where they take those who didn't pass their  In your case it would be something compare to the imaginary HELL. Because even in your failure, you didn't rectify, but tried to save your own ass alone. So for saving your ass, you get an ASS-HELL burn. I can see this all play out already, little and big asses being put on the stick as barbeque, wonderful isn't it...??  I mean it is nothing compare to the shit you have accepted and allowed to happen to others like you HERE on this planet.

Let's look at our dear, dear soldiers who have chosen to be soldiers, because of their believes( here we go again, that BELIEVE, it seems to be everywhere, where is shit), their believe that they can protect their country and their families. But i mean haven't you noticed that when you go to war, you don't just kill people, you also get killed, maybe if you are lucky with all the knowledge and information you have gathered training your ass of to become a perfect soldier you can come back home. But understand that meanwhile you were out in another country, you left those whom you were suppose to protect behind, are they being protected when you are not even present, and even if you were present and they kill you, can you still protect them when you have died..?? This whole protecting believe based on fear is so childish and stupid. You can't protect no-one if you yourself can be killed like them. To invent a whole game of war, believing that shit, and get yourself into a mode of a killing machine is beyond insanity.

Religious people i am telling you, you will get very angry at this God of yours when you are going  to call upon him in the most difficult hours and he won't answer, because now that you have money, and you live in a country where you have some freedoms, because you have a job and can get money doing that job, it all looks like this god is answering your prayers, and you have those few occasions that you use as proof, when for example someone gets operated on and you prayed and the person came out good out of the operation, in your mind it was god's work, but in reality it was just the doctor's work, his/her profession at work. But you will never know will you...?? Because you will never test it out, test it out by not praying and see if the operation can also come out successful... So the time for you to find out if your god exists or not will knock on your door very soon, and please don't ask me how soon...?? That day it will be your day to find out if your god exists or not..?? The craze must STOP in this world, and only we can do it.

So the Anger within humanity will continue rising, and it will become worst and worst. Remember you brought it on yourself, because you didn't want to live another way....!!! One that is best for all.

So people please, let us put our hands together and stop this stupidity of  this thing we are saying we are living, because it is not living at all it is pure existing to destroy yourself and others, no point at all to all this mess.


Larry Manuela

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Monday, 9 January 2012

2012, Is It Not Just Wanting/Wishing and trying to escape Death..??

Now let's have a look at this, and i am going to use my own point of reference when i to, used to believe in stuff like this, in delusions of grandeur  like this. Understand that those who are presenting the whole 2012 doom or marvelous event are all using great and wonderful, and powerful color presentations as to make it look all spectacular, a happening of grandeur.

When we take a very closer look at this, it is more about the fear of Death, that is inherent in all this 2012 hype. Because there are talks going the round,that earth is going to magically raise it's vibration to a higher frequency and all those who are ready so to speak(full of enlightenment) are going to magically also take part in this magical event, of the rise of the vibration in earth's  density and all the none-sense that's going on and are being portrayed on the web. Or that the earth is just going to be destroyed in some way or another.

But an interesting perspective to notice is that, most of them really want to escape this reality of earth, and this escape is rooted in the fear of death, they don't want to die, they want to live forever, and they believe that if they managed to get into another vibratory existence of a higher density they will automatically then have a more suitable body, one of light that lives much much longer, or that even lives forever.

All their master teachers and guru's are convinced that we all have a higher body of light full of love, capable of great longevity and believing that this body is our so-called true-self, the part of us that is really true, that is real, this body we are in now is just an illusion, it's where we play the game of physicality for awhile and then we move out of it, because there were lessons we needed to learn. Now understand that they are also believing in that same breath,that this higher body is the body that is bestowed from the creator itself and has the same powers and capabilities as it's maker, it's creator, it's a very powerful body, it cannot be killed, knows everything and all the none-sense that goes with it,when one is dealing with these delusional matters.

They are never questioning,how it is that if you already know everything, that you still need to learn some lessons, and by the time you are HERE, you don't even remember where you come from and you are not aware of you being this HIGHER- SELF within this physical manifested body. Let me give you a physical real manifested scenario as an example that is most recognizable in this world, one we can all relate to in some way or another. Imagine you stepping into your car, and you know you are going to drive from point A to reach point B. You know exactly how you're going to drive, you know how to drive, you know exactly what roads to take and everything. Now this is what happens, when we use this as a comparison to the higher-self in the human body delusion. The moment you get into your car, suddenly, you don't know anymore in what ways whatsoever, who you are, where you came from, how you got into the car, where you suppose to go and how you suppose to get there, you are not aware even that you are alive in the car, you don't know anything about the car, the functionality of the car, how the thing drives,and nothing about yourself either when in the car, just nothing and have not any control whatsoever when you are in the car, the car is just driving on it's own, till it have some fatal crash and then when you are lying there outside the car on the floor with blood all over, you will then come to your senses and then in that moment know that you were in a car.....???   I mean how lunatic is this....??? Now is this what a all knowing higher-self would be like...???

So this whole thing of 2012 with the ascension delusion is deep down, very very deep, the FEAR of DEATH..!!

And as you can see in the fear of death, people are always selfish, they always want to save themselves first and leave, everyone and everything behind, and all this for a believe of delusional grandeur. Trying their best to abdicate their responsibilities.


Larry Manuela

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Hoe zou in een gelijkheids-geldsysteem betaald worden voor grondstoffen en energie en producten...??

Nou, alles wat we nu gebruiken en produceren in de vorm van levensbehoeftes en ook entertainment  als jullie allemaal al weten moet ervoor betaald worden. En wij weten ook allemaal dat we betalen omdat sommige bedrijven ons vertellen dat we dat moeten doen, omdat hun ervoor zorgen dat wij dat allemaal hebben, en kunnen krijgen of ervan genieten. Het huidige systeem is zo in mekaar gezet dat het lijkt alsof dat allemaal eerlijk is,dus dat jij moet betalen  omdat er iets wordt gemaakt of geproduceerd voor jou. Er was/is veel gedaan om jou zo ver te krijgen om dat allemaal te geloven, zo diep geloven dat jij tot de dag van vandaag het totaal hebt geaccepteerd, het is allemaal zogenaamd: ''normaal'' voor jou, niks mis mee...!!

Laten we gaan kijken of dat normaal is of niet als wij gebruik gaan maken van onze GEZONDE VERSTAND.

We beginnen met een vraag en van daaruit breiden we het verder uit.

Wat was als eerst de mens of het planeet....?? Jullie weten allemaal het antwoord op deze vraag, iedereen zal zeggen HET PLANEET natuurlijk.....dahhh....waar of niet waar...???

Dus als dat waar is en is niet eens te argumenteren dan weten we ook dat wij als de mens niks kunnen claimen hier op aarde en zeggen dat het van ons is, want wij zijn niet degenen die het hier hebben gezet, dus met andere woorden, wij zijn niet de scheppers van wat hier is als de aarde met alles erop en eraan. Maar nu hebben wij een stomme systeem in mekaar gezet die dat wel reflecteerd, dus die vorm geeft alsof wij de baas zijn of degenen zijn die de aarde hebben geschappen met alles erop en eraan. Het huidige systeem is één die gebaseerd is in schuld, dus dat de meerderheid van de mensheid schuldig zijn aan een kleine groep die doen alsof hun de baas zijn omdat ze de aarde wisten te mijnen en allerlei dingen maken en zodoende vinden dat,dat een perfect vorm is om van de anderen slaven te maken. Dingen ontdekken, maak niet dat jij ineens de baas bent of de baas kan spelen. Want je bent alleen maar iets aan het gebruiken, of beter gezegd misbruiken die al bestond en dan doe je dat op een verkeerde manier ook nog. In plaats van het gelijkelijk te delen met allen, gebruik je het om anderen gevangen te houden/nemen en niet alleen de mens, maar ook het dierenrijk en de natuur in zijn geheel en er wordt helemaal niet gekeken  naar wat voor consequenties er allemaal ervan uit zullen vloeien.

We zijn nu zo ver dat het systeem nu zelf de macht heeft over zijn meester. Kan je dat voorstellen...??  Jij maakt iets of geeft het leven zeg maar en op een gegeven moment heerst het over jezelf en het grappigste en domste over dit allemaal is ook dat het iets is die niet eens van belang is als levensbehoefte, dus dat je het niet kan ETEN b.v. om jezelf in leven te houden. Het is niet belangrijk, het is iets wat je ZONDER kan in deze wereld, het is niet noodzakelijk. Het maakt niet dat jou lichaam ademt, het maakt niet dat je kan lopen of slapen, dat je kan eten, het maakt niet dat jou hart klopt, het maakt niet dat de groenten en vruchten en allerlei vegetatie groeien, het maakt niet dat de dieren bestaan en leven, het maakt niet dat er water is, het maakt niet dat er zuurstof gemaakt wordt...enz enz........

Dus in een gelijkheids-geldsysteem wordt ''betalen'' meer als een vorm van gift, een soort als dank geven aan onszelf en de aarde voor wat het ons geeft, en we geven en delen aan mekaar en alles wat er al HIER is die onze lichamen nodig hebben om te functioneren in deze realiteit als de AARDE. Het geld in een gelijkheids-geldsysteem neemt een vorm aan van een makkleijke manier om die dingen tot jou toe te laten komen, een manier waar logistiek en distributie als beste georganiseerd wordt zodat ieder krijgt wat hij/zij nodig heeft om een waardig leven HIER te ervaren tot de dag van vertrek. En dit wordt door ONS allemaal bepaald, geen ene kleine groepje gaat bepalen wat er gedaan moet worden, wij bepalen het allemaal, dus daadwerkelijke samenwerking, niet dat kak wat nu uitgespuugd wordt over samenwerken, die alleen maar gebaseerd is op zelfingenomenheid/baatzuchtigheid.  Dus eindelijk wordt het woord: ''betalen'' gezien en gebruikt als een geschenk, een geschenk aan leven waar we alles wat er hier is schenken aan onszelf en alles, dus leven geven aan leven zelf, de ene echte VRIJHEID, er is geen ander vrijheid...!!

Dus energie en producten en grondstoffen worden allemaal ons als geschenken aangeboden, aan allen gelijkelijk...!! En niet gebruikt om slaven ermee te maken en te manipuleren voor macht en hebzucht.


Larry Manuela

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Monday, 12 December 2011

No more politicians with the Equal Money System.

These people that you are calling politicians are the people that has convinced you through their campaign that they are going to save you from whatever it is you are going through as in a society and most of the time they are the people who has programmed themselves with the so-called higher learning, meaning that they know more of what is going on in the area's that are being kept hidden from the public view, you know what i mean, in things like justice, economics and some other sciences. Understand that these people no matter what they have learned in the universities that they went to, all of that was/is based on: '' how to keep the system as it is going/in tact''

That is why you are seeing all this mess in this world, because they have no solutions, they never learned how to solve real physical problems and use common sense and see what is acceptable or not for all living being and just do it..!!! If it is not acceptable you just stop the shit and do that which is acceptable, no matter what and no matter how many will not see it at first, you will stick to what is best for all.

But yet can you see the world changing when you are electing these people to take office, because you have given  your power away, your responsibility to them...??? The very fact that you are believing that just because you voted for them that now they have to do what you should be doing for yourself when you go out and have fun, and then something happen that mess up your fun, you become angry because they are not doing what they should have been doing on your behave, i mean how crazy is this...?? The whole blaming scenario steps in, in that particular moment and depending on the severity of the problem as like we have now in this world today, it will most likely become worse and worse, people demanding this or that, when all the time it is all of us our own mistakes and we are all the cause of all the problems through our acceptances and allowances. Everyone is self-responsible for everything that is so-called: ''bad'' ''wrong'' negative'' in this world. All those things that are man-made and are destroying life in all aspects. All those things that YOU know you will not want nor like nor wish for yourself nor your loved one's.

So to believe that there will come one(1) individual who is going to save your ass, is not going to happen, because no-one is going to take this responsibility that is a responsibility of each participant. You are going to have to learn how to live as a self-responsible human being and trust yourself so you can trust others,one that does not give his power away to an individual or a little group to do the things that he himself must do, and all of that in accordance to what is best for all life always.

So within an equal money system politicians will not exist anymore, because we will live in a society of individuals who are all self-responsible and know that by doing, by living always what is best for all is also best for them to. We move as a group as one body, in this case humanity being the one body with all the little bodies that you will call individuals. And we make sure that not ONE in this group is cared for less or has nothing, or is being harmed in anyways whatsoever,the group works for the group as a group through the individuals that forms the group.


Larry Manuela

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Saturday, 10 December 2011

No More Meditation in an Equal Money System.

Meditation in this world is a process as you already know of sitting and contemplating,having a reflection, or as in religious sense, being devout, and as in spirituality we are dealing with introspection.

Now all this none-sense has to do with the mind, a state of mind where one tries to experience a state of mind that is very relaxed and where one believe one can then see what is going on in the mind so to speak. Within all this there is this great talks that all those spiritual master teachers are talking about,the they have reached an exalted state of mind where they are always in bliss, that they call oneness. They have given many names to many of those states of minds, they call them: Nirvana, Christ-consciousness, God-consciousness, Higher-Self........ and you name it, but these are all states of mind that they believe themselves to be going through and that they are somehow evolving as a spiritual being, and within all this you have all kinds of variations to, like in the New-Age believe system where you will meet people who are trying their best to experience  light and love, which to them is the ultimate experience one can have and in that, one becomes very benevolence. Then you also have those who believe that during their little meditation they are leaving their body and are traveling to different planets and also different realities where they are being taught by some exalted being of light and love who are teaching them how to become some planetary logos, or cosmic warrior, or learning to become part of a galactic federation of light and love. And then you have also your so-called channelers who are portraying that they are channeling some being from some higher realm who is taking over their body for a while and are here with a message, and this message is always the same: '' love and light in the future''

Now within an equal money system all these none-senses will end..!!

Why..??  Because we are going to learn how to live practically HERE on this planet, we are not going to have any mind projection in some exalted realm or some stupid thing that is not HERE for all as a living reality physically. This is the point that is being missed within all these meditations, that they are forgetting where they are in the moment, that they are HERE on this planet and that there are things happening that they DO know about, but are using meditation as a way out so to speak, it is like turning a blind eye to the atrocities that are going on in this world. Within this they are then refusing to take their responsibility and are even saying that their responsibility is to make sure they reach that higher state while they are HERE, and if they do,because understand that many are meditating for years to get some experience of some higher state, and if they do experience it, they will become even worse believing themselves to be some higher being in this body in this world and never questioning how a kind of being like that would walk around being all so-called powerful with the power of love and grace and all the none-sense and has absolutely no power whatsoever to do nothing to bring about a change in this world, their higher exalted state of being that they believe they are in the body cannot even STOP their deaths, and has NO power in this physical reality at all. But do they care...???  Of course not..!!!  Because to them, it is done they have reached that which they wanted and spent years learning ''how to'' and that's it. They can now walk and talk and believe themselves now to be a being of light with a message and try to reel people in and convincing them that, that is the way out of the suffering to reach such a state.

So meditation as it exist right now will not exist in an equal money system.

In the initial stages of the system coming into place we can use some techniques of meditation as a point of observation of one own thoughts, feelings and emotions so one can work with them, and sort them out and in every action during  the day or night in a practical way. But when the system is full in gear and has been going on for some years and new children are born within this system, meditation will slowly but surely loose it's need, because all the children will learn from the very start how to be HERE, wherever they are in all dimensions of existence and can communicate to with every expression as themselves in all of existence effortlessly in every breath at any given moment.

Understand that an equal money system is a system that facilitates the basic requirements and needs of all living things in the best possible way, so all can live in dignity equally on this planet. And don't be afraid of loosing your individuality, because you won't.  You will still be an individual but one who live as group, and the group is also an individual as your greater body, and we move like this, then we have real ONENESS. Every part moving as parts and as a whole equally.


Larry Manuela

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Stop Depression, Recession, Repression with an equal money.

Now let us look at the definition of those words within a dictionary.
For this i am using the website.


the act of depressing.
the state of being depressed.
a depressed  or sunken place or part; an area lower than the surrounding surface.
sadness; gloom; dejection.
Psychiatry . a condition of general emotional dejection and withdrawal; sadness greater and more prolonged than that warranted by any objective reason. Compare clinical depression.
dullness or inactivity, as of trade.
Economics . a period during which business, employment, and stock-market values decline severely or remain at a very low level of activity.
the Depression. Great Depression.
Pathology . a low state of vital powers or functional activity.
Astronomy . the angular distance of a celestial body below the horizon; negative altitude.
Surveying . the angle between the line from an observer or instrument to an object below either of them and a horizontal line.
Physical Geography . an area completely or mostly surrounded by higher land, ordinarily having interior drainage and not conforming to the valley of a single stream.
Meteorology . an area of low atmospheric pressure.
the act of receding  or withdrawing.
a receding  part of a wall, building, etc.
a withdrawing procession, as at the end of a religious service.
Economics . a period of an economic contraction, sometimes limited in scope or duration. Compare depression ( def. 7 )

the act of repressing;  state of being repressed.
Psychoanalysis . the rejection from consciousness of painful or disagreeable ideas, memories, feelings, or impulses.
Now all these words have relationship with one another in all kinds of relationships that is in existence in this world, and in the case of the great depression, depression in the economic sense of the word has taken even the stand as the emotional turmoil within the psyche of men, and where in the physical living of man as the being, as the physical body has gone through great pain, of course because there was no food, or very little just because all have agreed that in order for one and all to live on this planet we need to pay someone to be able to do this, which has become our real enslavement. So the moment we agreed either passively or tacitly or actively to it, it is still here as OUR experience, all of it. 
You can see that, within this stupid agreement that we agreed upon has brought about the suffering of many in this world for centuries upon centuries, and even when we read about it, when we experience it either physically ourselves or we see the shit happening  to others we still want to blame the doer(s), instead of looking that we are all HERE, the one who is being active and the one who is being inactive= the one who is allowing it. So we are ALL responsible. Why is it so difficult for you to see, that ALL the things that you do NOT want in this world to happen to you, should be your responsibility, so it doesn't happen to you nor anyone else, but just because it is not happening to you in the moment does not mean it never will, and maybe it won't, but what about the one's you left behind, that you are saying and bribing about that you love so much...??? What about them, do you really love them so much that you will make sure that the world they're going to live in will be a place where they don't have to own nor owe anyone to keep themselves alive when every fucking thing they need in order to be alive is HERE provided for/by the planet, which is OUR REAL home, even as the physical body that you are, within this reality of EARTH.
Now understand that this whole agreement was done in a way that you MUST be in DEBT to someone always. As long as you believe and try to find ways to continue with this system as it exist now, you will keep on experiencing the suffering, the wars and all the other atrocities that are HERE in the name of man. And not only the human goes through this, it is also the plants, the animals,and nature in it's entirety. Ohhh yes, i forgot, you don't give a f*** about them anyways, because somehow you see yourself as better as more capable then them, because you can built roads and bridges and computers and you name it, but there is one thing that you are not seeing, that those other life-forms are showing you in your face, but you still don't see it, and that is: '' they know how to live as what they are, and be one and equal with nature, because they have an understanding that without the greater they cannot be them, so they work with it, and not against it''  But we the humans are very stupid we are working and making sure that we destroy our very home and as fast as possible and keep on blaming the one's that are actually doing it, meanwhile we are just standing on the side road and watch it all happen and complain and justify and abdicate our responsibility to all this stupidity.
Within an equal money system all this will END....!!!!
We as a group will not accept nor allow such stupidity and atrocity and abuse to life to exist, because we are HERE and we are all HERE, so all will stand for life and make sure that everything that all the BODIES require in order to live as best as possible is always taken care of by and through ourselves. No-one is going to have any depression within this system because you will always have all your needs taken care of, and you will as an individual give to all so you to may receive, so you will NEVER loose. This is a win/win solution. 
Within an equal money system we make sure that the point of distributing the basic needs and the means to make sure that you always act in the best way possible as your EXPRESSION, is HERE and it will not be a point where you are going to be asked to do it, you will be self-responsible and see for yourself in any given moment what is necessary to be done in any given moment, that is best for all life.
So, Depression, Recession and Repression are a thing of the past within the equal money system, because with this system we take the fear of survival out of the equation and with this also the fear of trusting oneself to trust others, because how can you trust others when you can't even trust yourself..?? So you are going to practically learn how to trust YOU in order for you to live as trust as YOU and then you can trust ALL the others who are also learning to trust themselves so we can then have a true ONENESS in trust, because we are all living that which is TRUST. 

So equal money is a system of TRUST, a system of; 'loving thy neighbor as thyself,'  a system of supporting LIFE, a system where all expressions are lived at their very best in accordance to what is best for all, always.


Larry Manuela

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