Saturday, 10 December 2011

No More Meditation in an Equal Money System.

Meditation in this world is a process as you already know of sitting and contemplating,having a reflection, or as in religious sense, being devout, and as in spirituality we are dealing with introspection.

Now all this none-sense has to do with the mind, a state of mind where one tries to experience a state of mind that is very relaxed and where one believe one can then see what is going on in the mind so to speak. Within all this there is this great talks that all those spiritual master teachers are talking about,the they have reached an exalted state of mind where they are always in bliss, that they call oneness. They have given many names to many of those states of minds, they call them: Nirvana, Christ-consciousness, God-consciousness, Higher-Self........ and you name it, but these are all states of mind that they believe themselves to be going through and that they are somehow evolving as a spiritual being, and within all this you have all kinds of variations to, like in the New-Age believe system where you will meet people who are trying their best to experience  light and love, which to them is the ultimate experience one can have and in that, one becomes very benevolence. Then you also have those who believe that during their little meditation they are leaving their body and are traveling to different planets and also different realities where they are being taught by some exalted being of light and love who are teaching them how to become some planetary logos, or cosmic warrior, or learning to become part of a galactic federation of light and love. And then you have also your so-called channelers who are portraying that they are channeling some being from some higher realm who is taking over their body for a while and are here with a message, and this message is always the same: '' love and light in the future''

Now within an equal money system all these none-senses will end..!!

Why..??  Because we are going to learn how to live practically HERE on this planet, we are not going to have any mind projection in some exalted realm or some stupid thing that is not HERE for all as a living reality physically. This is the point that is being missed within all these meditations, that they are forgetting where they are in the moment, that they are HERE on this planet and that there are things happening that they DO know about, but are using meditation as a way out so to speak, it is like turning a blind eye to the atrocities that are going on in this world. Within this they are then refusing to take their responsibility and are even saying that their responsibility is to make sure they reach that higher state while they are HERE, and if they do,because understand that many are meditating for years to get some experience of some higher state, and if they do experience it, they will become even worse believing themselves to be some higher being in this body in this world and never questioning how a kind of being like that would walk around being all so-called powerful with the power of love and grace and all the none-sense and has absolutely no power whatsoever to do nothing to bring about a change in this world, their higher exalted state of being that they believe they are in the body cannot even STOP their deaths, and has NO power in this physical reality at all. But do they care...???  Of course not..!!!  Because to them, it is done they have reached that which they wanted and spent years learning ''how to'' and that's it. They can now walk and talk and believe themselves now to be a being of light with a message and try to reel people in and convincing them that, that is the way out of the suffering to reach such a state.

So meditation as it exist right now will not exist in an equal money system.

In the initial stages of the system coming into place we can use some techniques of meditation as a point of observation of one own thoughts, feelings and emotions so one can work with them, and sort them out and in every action during  the day or night in a practical way. But when the system is full in gear and has been going on for some years and new children are born within this system, meditation will slowly but surely loose it's need, because all the children will learn from the very start how to be HERE, wherever they are in all dimensions of existence and can communicate to with every expression as themselves in all of existence effortlessly in every breath at any given moment.

Understand that an equal money system is a system that facilitates the basic requirements and needs of all living things in the best possible way, so all can live in dignity equally on this planet. And don't be afraid of loosing your individuality, because you won't.  You will still be an individual but one who live as group, and the group is also an individual as your greater body, and we move like this, then we have real ONENESS. Every part moving as parts and as a whole equally.


Larry Manuela

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