Monday, 12 December 2011

No more politicians with the Equal Money System.

These people that you are calling politicians are the people that has convinced you through their campaign that they are going to save you from whatever it is you are going through as in a society and most of the time they are the people who has programmed themselves with the so-called higher learning, meaning that they know more of what is going on in the area's that are being kept hidden from the public view, you know what i mean, in things like justice, economics and some other sciences. Understand that these people no matter what they have learned in the universities that they went to, all of that was/is based on: '' how to keep the system as it is going/in tact''

That is why you are seeing all this mess in this world, because they have no solutions, they never learned how to solve real physical problems and use common sense and see what is acceptable or not for all living being and just do it..!!! If it is not acceptable you just stop the shit and do that which is acceptable, no matter what and no matter how many will not see it at first, you will stick to what is best for all.

But yet can you see the world changing when you are electing these people to take office, because you have given  your power away, your responsibility to them...??? The very fact that you are believing that just because you voted for them that now they have to do what you should be doing for yourself when you go out and have fun, and then something happen that mess up your fun, you become angry because they are not doing what they should have been doing on your behave, i mean how crazy is this...?? The whole blaming scenario steps in, in that particular moment and depending on the severity of the problem as like we have now in this world today, it will most likely become worse and worse, people demanding this or that, when all the time it is all of us our own mistakes and we are all the cause of all the problems through our acceptances and allowances. Everyone is self-responsible for everything that is so-called: ''bad'' ''wrong'' negative'' in this world. All those things that are man-made and are destroying life in all aspects. All those things that YOU know you will not want nor like nor wish for yourself nor your loved one's.

So to believe that there will come one(1) individual who is going to save your ass, is not going to happen, because no-one is going to take this responsibility that is a responsibility of each participant. You are going to have to learn how to live as a self-responsible human being and trust yourself so you can trust others,one that does not give his power away to an individual or a little group to do the things that he himself must do, and all of that in accordance to what is best for all life always.

So within an equal money system politicians will not exist anymore, because we will live in a society of individuals who are all self-responsible and know that by doing, by living always what is best for all is also best for them to. We move as a group as one body, in this case humanity being the one body with all the little bodies that you will call individuals. And we make sure that not ONE in this group is cared for less or has nothing, or is being harmed in anyways whatsoever,the group works for the group as a group through the individuals that forms the group.


Larry Manuela

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