Friday, 3 February 2012

2012 When Are We Going To Cut The Crap With HELP...???

This word HELP is one of the most abusive words in human history,because it entails taking no actual action towards SOLUTION. It is a word that accept and allow a particular problem to continue being HERE, when the problem is well known and that it needs to be solved.

Now understand that i am NOT saying don't help.....!!!  I am saying to NOT act as if HELP is a SOLUTION....!!

Let's take for instance; 'poverty' this is a major problem HERE on planet Earth. This is a problem that needs and have to be solved, not helped, by helping the problem, is accepting and allowing the problem to exist and continue existing. That is why no matter how much is spent on donating to charities in this world, relating to poverty, nothing will change and has never changed, because you were HELPING poverty in this case to continue existing. You didn't want to eradicate it, maybe your wish or intent was so, but you were ignorant by/through your feeling of ''being a good person.''

We have another problem that is called: ''WAR.''  This war has taken many forms throughout history, and it is always about killing. That is all you do in war, you kill others or they kill you. So how the heck is one able to HELP those who are so called; 'weak' with something that it's soul purpose is to kill people, and not only people, because animals and plants will be destroyed to in the whole event/process of war. It is destruction of life on many levels. But yet here again we act as if we can use WAR to help others, when war should be banned completely from the face of the earth. In the situation to this, ''war'' is being seen as the act of doing something good. It can be from believing that one is protecting one's country and family and freedoms to saving other people from some other crazy person, some dictator or evil ruler. In the case of WAR, ''help'' is completely out of place, because something that is not supporting life at all is being seen as if it is saving life and even bringing peace. When in reality you just destroyed life and made sure that those left behind will be living in hate towards yourself and others like you, where they to one day maybe will take their revenge of what you have done to the people they loved.

Then we have ''help'' in the medical industry. Here it is also another major problem, because your illness is being seen as something that needs to be helped instead of something that needs to be cured, and in this word ''cured'' it will mean to solve the problem that is existent which is the illness. They relief you from pain maybe, but they can't take it away, making sure it is gone and doesn't exist anymore. There are some cases where they remove some damaged portions out of your body through surgery and that is it.

And now let us have a look at MONEY itself within the context and relationship with this word ''help.''
The very fact that one needs money to be able to live in this world and from there move into a situation where one must be required some help in relation to that money, is all in itself an atrocity of major bullshit.

Of all the money problems we have, money itself have never really took us in the direction of living a dignified life, it has accumulated the problems of NOT living a dignified life even more. For those who have money they will open their big mouth and say the contrary of course. Money is NOT solving the problem of poverty. Money is NOT solving the problem of unemployment. Money is NOT solving the problem within the human as it manifest as greed. Money is NOT solving the problem of the deforestation that is going on. Money is NOT solving the poisoning of the oceans and the soil. Money is NOT solving drive to competition within men. Money is NOT solving the scarcity of housing in the world. Money is NOT solving the scarcity of water in this world. Money is NOT solving the political disputes about money and social orders in this world. Money is NOT solving anything related to money in this world and believe me, everything is related to money in this world system created by/through men.

That is why we at desteni have reasons enough to suggest a new system where money will not be a stumbling block but a means to support life equally for every individual and everything, through the relationship of the individual(human) to the others lifeforms
You can call it Utopia all you want, or whatever you want, but let us try and live it, because that is one thing we never did live Utopia to see if it can be lived for real, it was never our aspiration and commitment. It was only a dream in some individuals who wanted it HERE, but the majority only wanted it after dead. They wanted it in the HEREafter.

It is about time to be HERE and live HERE


Larry Manuela

All we are asking of you humanity is let this word ''humanity'' be as what it implies, all of us as humans one and equal, HERE.

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