Thursday, 22 September 2011


I see that when i talk to people they always defend themselves with saying: '' this is your belief'' or '' yeah, but that is what you think'' or '' it's your opinion''.

It is very difficult to talk to people who are brainwashed on what is common sense.
It is very difficult to talk to people who even though know what is going on in this world
will find a way to defend the atrocities that are happening in our names.

Because of this i am going to write some simple questions and comments so all of them could understand, nothing fancy at all, simple things.

We have a money system that is based on debt and interest on the debt that was lent. Now why do we accept and allow this as the only way our economy can run...?? Who the hell told you that you have to have it like this and how is it you can't seem to get out of it...?? Why are you so inclined to accept and allow it and act as if you can't do anything about it...??

Why are we incapable of understanding that the people we vote for are not going to change anything, because the only thing they know is; 'how to function within the system as it is, the only so-called solution they can come up with, is always either: ''cuts'' or ''raising taxes''...??  Is this all they have learned in their years spent in the universities..?? As the way they operate the only thing they know how to do is to find different ways to: ''cut'' and '' raise taxes''  and make laws and rules and regulations for, and get paid very well for doing this to. If this is not crazy enough for you, i don't know what is...??

If we all know that war-machines and all kinds of weapons kill people, destroy life....why do we built them and why do we accept and allow them to be built...?? Are we not accepting and allowing with this gesture that: '' those whom are not in agreement with us, we will kill them..??'' But yet everybody that consider themselves to be so-called: ''a good person'',will tell you that war is not ''good'' that war is ''bad'', it destroys are we crazy or what...??

 Is it not obvious that all physical bodies require sustenance, have some physical needs that are the same for each physical body..,..??  Why do we then create a system that does not support this...??? Why do we accept and allow a system like this to exist when we are all HERE...??

Does our thinking support our physical needs, by this i mean, if i think this way or that way and another also this way or that way, does this change the fact that all of us no matter what we think our bodies are still requiring the same needs...?? So why do we then use these ideas, thoughts as if they will matter..?? Our thoughts and ideas matter in the way we behave in this world, but then why not make it matter in a way we can all agree on those things we all know we all need that are exactly the same for everyone's physical body...?? I need to eat, so do you, i need comfortable clothes, so do you, i need clean water, so do you, i need health care, so do you, i need a decent house, so do you...??   Is this so difficult to understand...??? And there are a lot of luxury stuff that has become a commodity nowadays, but you get the picture. When it comes to education,education is what is needed for us to use to be more effective in living as physical beings on this physical earth with each other and other physical beings as well, not to use it as a means to ''believe'' or ''feel'' that you are somehow better then others or suddenly more. And this should be something that is freely given, because it is for the support of all life, it should not be a debt you have to pay, i mean why should you pay to be more effective in supporting life..?? Who told you this bullshit...??? So why do you accept and allow it then...??

So what makes us not understand these things then..?? Why can't we come to an agreement where we all work together and provide ALL with these needs we are ALL in need of, we all require as physical beings...??

Does profit support life or does it destroy it..?? I bet that those who are abusers will tell you that profit supports life, profit making systems..??  Is profit making, giving or is it taking...??

Why do we use phrases like: ''life is give and take" when we can clearly see that the planet we live on is only in a state of giving, from the food you eat to the technologies you have, the house you live in, the clothes you wear, everything, even your human physical body. But when it comes to us, we just want to take, take and take....what is wrong with us...??  The planet is in a cycle of giving and receiving, not give and take as we do believe, and because of this we say stupid things like the phrase i wrote up there in the first sentence of this paragraph, and even in this the word: '' give'' is misplaced, because we don't really give, we are just plane takers and no givers. It's just there in the phrase to make us ''feel'' better about ourselves, but it is not a reality, we don't give a f***.

So people please do use your common sense and see and understand that when we at desteni talk about ONENESS and EQUALITY............we are talking about that which is best for ALL living beings, ALL life all that is needed and required for us all to have a dignified life HERE on this planet where all know right now for sure they are HERE.

Support the equal money system and be one vote for world equality.

Don't be afraid to ask difficult questions to your peers, those you believe know more then you do, and also the systems that are in place. Question everything and go back in time and see for yourself how we each have participated in creating the mess that is HERE, that a lot of us want to escape from, but there is not an escape, we have to face ourselves and STOP and START all over, but this time we start really living as one as equals to each other and to all of life.

Check out:     and        Did you know you can learn a lot there...??   and not only that alone also learn how to become a responsible human being, and become the actuality of the change you want to see in this world, that you can't escape no matter how hard you try to do


Larry Manuela

Friday, 9 September 2011

The innocence of words.

As in many days, i see and realize more and more how we have come to accept our feelings and emotions about the definitions of words, the meaning of words, in relation to our experiences within our direct environment and the environment that is a little bit out there.

What we most of the times fail to see and understand is, that the words themselves are innocent, and the only meaning they have is the meaning we give to them according to our believes or our experiences which also shaped our believes through our participation here. The day we can use words and nothing moves within us because of some words we will understand what it means that words are

Words are not good or bad, right or wrong, positive or negative......they are just words as expressions of life.

But the human being had to smear his vile onto them making them having a weight of being of feelings and emotions of being explanations of thoughts, instead of being expressions of oneself to be lived as the words themselves, one and equal.

Could you imagine if every word we spoke were to become instantly a real manifested experience what would have happened. Do you think that people would have lived them..??

The thing is they do become manifested reality. The reason this is not noticed is because we are in time and in time things take time to manifest, it doesn't happen at once, immediately. Sometimes it does, but we do not see it as that, because we live in our minds where we are indulging in reactions based on feelings and emotions, and let these rule our way we interact we each other, instead of standing one and equal to and as the words we speak and the thoughts we have.

So because we have let ourselves to be ruled and reined by/through our words with meanings rooted or charged with emotions and feelings, we then immediately assume when someone uses some words that they are in the same emotion or feeling we are in, when all that is busy going on, is the person reading or listening to the words, having his/her own weight and relationship based on the feelings and emotions those words have for him/  It's fascinating to see  how one delude oneself and then react in a way believing that the person is coming from a point of  view of emotions or feelings, just because the person him/herself is having those in that particular moment, when he or she is not in fact even aware of the person who wrote or spoke the words to see if he/she was in fact so or not....funny

That is why in most of my writings i sometimes put some words that will ignite some feelings and emotions within them, so they can bring this out and deal with them, thus the emotion or feeling they are participating in, without even knowing. Most cases people will more likely defend what they want to protect that has given them a certain ''security'' in this system of abuse we live in where everyone is trying their best to make it as they will say, but making it for them, not for all to benefit equally. This doesn't happen in this world as it functions now. There is no room for words to be understood and lived so they have a value and meaning that is of life, equal and one.

In exposure of oneself and the system and others one will have in the initial stages lots and lots of people becoming defensive and also not wanting to hear what you have to say, because they know and understand that if they choose to hear you they are going to have to start living the thing they stand for.

Right now those who are not willing to listen to the message of equality and oneness, is because they are somewhere or somehow ''save'' within this system, things may be a little hard but not really ''bad'' yet, they can still hold the heads above water. These are people that is waiting for the worse and having hope that the worse won't come ever to them. They don't want to go through the consequences they already created in the past with all who are already here with them, and try and try as they may to delay it, but delaying it means only that you are accumulating more of what you are trying not to go through to become even worst, and the thing is that you are at the same time creating it for the others to. Because of not seeing this yet as a realization, they will continue till they are literally pin to the ground in order for them to come to a point where they will start forgiving themselves in self-honesty and then live the correction that need to be lived for the forgiveness to become a living reality.

So i will continue challenging all who are yet still blind and cannot see that the way we participate in this world together is the problem and that in order for it to not continue for/in our children is to STOP now and live a complete new way where abuse on all levels can STOP. And  we re-define our meaning of words and give them meanings that apply to all in a manner that bring always equality and oneness.

Separation must stop in all it's forms, if we are to really change and this must stop within us as us.


Larry Manuela

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Instead of.......

Instead of you wanting another to change, why not you change first..??
Instead of we fighting each other, why not we stop fighting each other..??
Instead of learning how to be competitive, and how to be a winner, why not learn how to really live as one and equals..??
Instead of sharing what is HERE equally among all, we choose to how not to do this..!!
Instead of creating and inventing and producing machines that kill and hurt, why not create, invent and produce machines that support life..??
Instead of us trying our best to destroy life, why not live as one and equal to it, just at least for once, to see if that which is called: ''peace'' can really be lived...??
Instead of having any kind or forms of secrets and privacy, why not be open and clear..??

Instead of promoting love, why not live it as yourself...??
Instead of dreaming and imagining escaping your reality,why not just be HERE in reality..??
Instead of having sex just to experience an orgasm, why not have sex to know thy body, to explore it's capabilities...??
Instead of loosing yourself in feelings and emotions, why not grounding yourself HERE..??
Instead of working for survival, why not letting work just be your expression, but one that benefits all of life...??
Instead of doing whatever necessary to survive, why not just live...?? Would you then, maybe, probably see and understand and realize that, that is what life means:'' to live''  Can it be that simple...??

Instead of believing in a God of sorts, why not live the life that you have been given, where you are sure that you can trust yourself as that, because you are HERE...??  And life always give to itself...can you see this...??
Instead of trying to find out what  life is, why not live so it becomes real as we go along living it, making it real as who we are in every breath..??
Instead of letting others die of hunger because of our poor mental capabilities to create what is best for all, why not give to all so none starve of hunger and die..??
Instead of choosing your breath, the breath of life, you choose energy.......your breath you can trust but energy fluctuate is never constant and consistent as your breath, the breath of life........why....??

Instead of taking your hands of of your eyes, you choose to cover them, so you don't see, but yet the screams cannot be silenced, because you only have two hands and they are already covering your

Instead of walking as one and equals you choose to walk all alone, believing that if you walk alone, what is happening to the whole is not going to visit this case why are you HERE then with allllllll of them, you should be all alone, are you not...??

Instead of graving to feed your hate, why not grave and to feed your life...??

Instead of living in commonsense, you choose to live in selfishness...Selfishness is useless in a reality where you are never alone as you may believe.

So let us live as one and equals as life, so we can truly love one another as a living reality, instead of living like you live now, is it not obvious by now....??


Larry Manuela

Thursday, 1 September 2011

What do we mean with an equal money system..??

o.k. let me try to explain this as simple as possible, i am going to try to do this as imagining you being a 4 year old child, is that o.k....??  Because apparently this EQUAL money system is very difficult for grownups to grasp regardless of their intellectual capabilities.

We live on a planet, that is physical.
On this planet that is physical, you have physical beings.
One such beings is HUMAN being.
The human being as all other beings require some physical needs.
Those physical needs are: food/water....shelter/home/roof over their and health care.
Now these 4 are the basic needs EVERY single human being requires.

Long, long, long time ago some of the human beings came with an ideal that in order to distribute those needs effectively they have to come up with a system. So they decided to invent a system where these basic needs can be provided. But what happened was, the system they invented and created was not one that would provide those needs for every individual human being. The group of human beings who came up with the system only made sure to include only the group of people they know, people that are close to them and where they see themselves as belonging to, the rest of the human beings they did not take into consideration for various different reasons.

Now because of this they also came up within this system with something they called: ''currency''
You know like you have now in some countries, they have certain different currencies that seem to have more value then another countries currency..?? But all this happened after they robbed the countries who had some real valuable resources that they needed as they were so-called becoming civilized.
So this currency trap suited them very well, because now, they didn't had to go and rob them and kill them in order to get the resources but can go there and use their more valuable currency against the lower valuable currency and still get the resources they were after. This made them seem and appear as if they were fair, because now they are not killing them for what they need of them, but are buying it from them.

But after the passage of time the people in those countries started to realize, but wait a minute; we are not having the things they are having in their countries, as a matter of fact we are getting poorer and poorer and meanwhile we are the one's with the real valuable resources they need, and so the people in these countries started to move to these so-called: ''rich'' countries and leaving their families and countries behind in surge of a better life in comparison to what they had in their countries. And by this time the people who invented the whole currency thing already bought most of the lands where all those valuable resources were located in those countries, they were already owning them without really living there themselves.

And so it continues till this day where they have managed to call this system: ''a capitalistic system''

The same people who robbed everybody in the past, their generations after them are the one's on the head of this system and are now owning more and more resources and lands and allot of more things and stuff.
And the more they do this, the more the people they left out within this system they created, their lives were getting harder and harder and they were suffering and starving more and more till this day.

So for the one's on the top of this system, the inventors..........all is just fine, everything is coming to them, they can do whatever they want, and they can use this system as they please, buying everything they want and wish for, and their children are all living very well.

But for the people they have stolen from, things are not like this at all.

So now what is busy happening is that, because they had to invent a certain value system within the system they created so they could continue getting more and more and more to themselves, they came up with something they called: ''DEBT''

It was perfect from their point of view this debt they created within their wonderful system, because now when everybody is in debt to them, they can get everything they wanted. All they had to do is make the rest of the human beings owing them and all is set.

But there was a back-door within their system, because in order for them to hold on to this system of debt, the rest of the human beings had to keep on participating in it otherwise it will fall. So what did they do then, they hided every single information about how exactly they are doing it to in-rich themselves so well, and also letting the rest of the human beings BELIEVE that this is the only way the system can work and the only way the 4 basic necessities can be distributed and that is through and by this system of debt they came up with.

They also found out after a period of time that the resources they were using were limited, that they could not continue using them forever, that there will come a time when there will just be no more left to continue using, and those resources that were in abundant they kept them in save places and  lie to the rest of the human beings that they to are getting less and less and that the human beings are getting to many,thus that the human population is growing and use this as an excuse.

So now what is happening  is that the system of debt they created cannot carry itself and sustain itself with more debt, because it has reached a certain amount where the rest of humanity that are in debt to them can't pay them back, because the amount is just to much and they have gotten all the lands, all the resources and everything, and more and more people are getting poorer and poorer with each passing day.

So now they see this and they have a plan and their plan is to kill allot of the other human beings so they can continue living the way they live, where they will have everything and the rest nothing or very,very little.
And they use WAR for this, something they have used already in the past every time there were some difficulty in the system and the money was to little, they killed a bunch of human beings and start all over again with a new fresh start making what is left from the WAR on human beings who are alive to again,start all over with the same system of DEBT.

So now, what will change within the new monetary system ( equal money system) is the following:

1) everybody will get an equal amount of money from birth till death, and i mean everybody, no-one is excluded, everyone is included to live and survive without any fear.

2) We will all be equals and have equal opportunities, because in this system our talents will be shared with one and another to better our experience HERE on this planet and make it more and more pleasant and dignified and as best as possible.

3) No state, or country or government will be dealing with the money affairs but people like you and me who will be trained to work in an administrative system that controls the money of everybody. And they will be chosen by the whole of humanity and will be in office only for 1 year, after that never ever again, so no way of corruption can exist.

4) The money when it is used will be deleted from your account and not go to another account, it will just serve only the service of you paying for one of your 4 basic requirements or needs.

5) In this system education will be free and equally available to everyone all over the planet, there will be no special institutions that have a better educational program or whatever as it is now, because all will be focusing on the being itself, being at his/her best in whatever talent he/she wants to develop his/herself.

6) no-one will be poor in this system.

7) Everyone will have a decent home to live in with everything in the home taken care of that are of importance to basic sanitation.

8) There will be no secrets in any information and knowledge, all will be known so we can always have a starting point of what is the best available at one particular moment.

9) within this equal money system will also be along with it, an equal labor system where everyone will have a work that they will be performing after they have learn in school how it is to live as one as equals and then they go out and perform some physical work(4 years requirement) that is required and beneficial to all of humanity and all of life as a whole, and in this labor system everyone will be paid the same amount of labor money in relation to the amount of labor hour someone put in. Your specific position will not put you in a position where you will get paid more than another just because you are performing a job as a manager for example. You performing as a manager will get exactly the same amount of labor money paid as for example as the cleaning person or someone who is performing any different task. And this labor money than will be used for the individuals to buy something of their liking within this new system, something of luxury of their liking. So within this system classes will still exist but not as it exist right now, and everyone has the same opportunity, you can become rich but so is everyone else. And you becoming rich is due to your working hours and when you are rich you will not be seen as better then others and such as it is now.

10) What will be invented and produced will only be things that are necessary and that are best for the whole group as humanity and also for the animals and plants and the planet as a whole. Everyone and everything will be taken care of and for and into consideration no-one and nothing will be left out.

11) War will not exist, because there will just be no need to war each other anymore because now we are equal and one.

12) Religion and spirituality will no longer exist. In the initial stages some people will continue believing, but after a period of years, the religions will just die, because they will be irrelevant, because no-matter how you look at it, it is only when you die that you are going to find out if what you believed was true or not, so when you are HERE it is totally irrelevant. So people will soon find out this in the new system, and especially when their survival is being taken care of and no-more fear is HERE.

There are much more points i can address HERE in this blog, but it will be a very long one then.

The bottom line is that in an equal money system we will have for the first time on earth what is to be real: ''free-choice''   Because then all are free, so free-choice can be truly valid. In another words Free-choice is only applicable in a system of oneness and equality, where everyone is equal and one. Where everyone live the principle of: ''what is best for all in all ways, always...!!!''


Larry Manuela