Saturday, 3 September 2011

Instead of.......

Instead of you wanting another to change, why not you change first..??
Instead of we fighting each other, why not we stop fighting each other..??
Instead of learning how to be competitive, and how to be a winner, why not learn how to really live as one and equals..??
Instead of sharing what is HERE equally among all, we choose to how not to do this..!!
Instead of creating and inventing and producing machines that kill and hurt, why not create, invent and produce machines that support life..??
Instead of us trying our best to destroy life, why not live as one and equal to it, just at least for once, to see if that which is called: ''peace'' can really be lived...??
Instead of having any kind or forms of secrets and privacy, why not be open and clear..??

Instead of promoting love, why not live it as yourself...??
Instead of dreaming and imagining escaping your reality,why not just be HERE in reality..??
Instead of having sex just to experience an orgasm, why not have sex to know thy body, to explore it's capabilities...??
Instead of loosing yourself in feelings and emotions, why not grounding yourself HERE..??
Instead of working for survival, why not letting work just be your expression, but one that benefits all of life...??
Instead of doing whatever necessary to survive, why not just live...?? Would you then, maybe, probably see and understand and realize that, that is what life means:'' to live''  Can it be that simple...??

Instead of believing in a God of sorts, why not live the life that you have been given, where you are sure that you can trust yourself as that, because you are HERE...??  And life always give to itself...can you see this...??
Instead of trying to find out what  life is, why not live so it becomes real as we go along living it, making it real as who we are in every breath..??
Instead of letting others die of hunger because of our poor mental capabilities to create what is best for all, why not give to all so none starve of hunger and die..??
Instead of choosing your breath, the breath of life, you choose energy.......your breath you can trust but energy fluctuate is never constant and consistent as your breath, the breath of life........why....??

Instead of taking your hands of of your eyes, you choose to cover them, so you don't see, but yet the screams cannot be silenced, because you only have two hands and they are already covering your

Instead of walking as one and equals you choose to walk all alone, believing that if you walk alone, what is happening to the whole is not going to visit this case why are you HERE then with allllllll of them, you should be all alone, are you not...??

Instead of graving to feed your hate, why not grave and to feed your life...??

Instead of living in commonsense, you choose to live in selfishness...Selfishness is useless in a reality where you are never alone as you may believe.

So let us live as one and equals as life, so we can truly love one another as a living reality, instead of living like you live now, is it not obvious by now....??


Larry Manuela

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