Friday, 9 September 2011

The innocence of words.

As in many days, i see and realize more and more how we have come to accept our feelings and emotions about the definitions of words, the meaning of words, in relation to our experiences within our direct environment and the environment that is a little bit out there.

What we most of the times fail to see and understand is, that the words themselves are innocent, and the only meaning they have is the meaning we give to them according to our believes or our experiences which also shaped our believes through our participation here. The day we can use words and nothing moves within us because of some words we will understand what it means that words are

Words are not good or bad, right or wrong, positive or negative......they are just words as expressions of life.

But the human being had to smear his vile onto them making them having a weight of being of feelings and emotions of being explanations of thoughts, instead of being expressions of oneself to be lived as the words themselves, one and equal.

Could you imagine if every word we spoke were to become instantly a real manifested experience what would have happened. Do you think that people would have lived them..??

The thing is they do become manifested reality. The reason this is not noticed is because we are in time and in time things take time to manifest, it doesn't happen at once, immediately. Sometimes it does, but we do not see it as that, because we live in our minds where we are indulging in reactions based on feelings and emotions, and let these rule our way we interact we each other, instead of standing one and equal to and as the words we speak and the thoughts we have.

So because we have let ourselves to be ruled and reined by/through our words with meanings rooted or charged with emotions and feelings, we then immediately assume when someone uses some words that they are in the same emotion or feeling we are in, when all that is busy going on, is the person reading or listening to the words, having his/her own weight and relationship based on the feelings and emotions those words have for him/  It's fascinating to see  how one delude oneself and then react in a way believing that the person is coming from a point of  view of emotions or feelings, just because the person him/herself is having those in that particular moment, when he or she is not in fact even aware of the person who wrote or spoke the words to see if he/she was in fact so or not....funny

That is why in most of my writings i sometimes put some words that will ignite some feelings and emotions within them, so they can bring this out and deal with them, thus the emotion or feeling they are participating in, without even knowing. Most cases people will more likely defend what they want to protect that has given them a certain ''security'' in this system of abuse we live in where everyone is trying their best to make it as they will say, but making it for them, not for all to benefit equally. This doesn't happen in this world as it functions now. There is no room for words to be understood and lived so they have a value and meaning that is of life, equal and one.

In exposure of oneself and the system and others one will have in the initial stages lots and lots of people becoming defensive and also not wanting to hear what you have to say, because they know and understand that if they choose to hear you they are going to have to start living the thing they stand for.

Right now those who are not willing to listen to the message of equality and oneness, is because they are somewhere or somehow ''save'' within this system, things may be a little hard but not really ''bad'' yet, they can still hold the heads above water. These are people that is waiting for the worse and having hope that the worse won't come ever to them. They don't want to go through the consequences they already created in the past with all who are already here with them, and try and try as they may to delay it, but delaying it means only that you are accumulating more of what you are trying not to go through to become even worst, and the thing is that you are at the same time creating it for the others to. Because of not seeing this yet as a realization, they will continue till they are literally pin to the ground in order for them to come to a point where they will start forgiving themselves in self-honesty and then live the correction that need to be lived for the forgiveness to become a living reality.

So i will continue challenging all who are yet still blind and cannot see that the way we participate in this world together is the problem and that in order for it to not continue for/in our children is to STOP now and live a complete new way where abuse on all levels can STOP. And  we re-define our meaning of words and give them meanings that apply to all in a manner that bring always equality and oneness.

Separation must stop in all it's forms, if we are to really change and this must stop within us as us.


Larry Manuela

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