Thursday, 22 September 2011


I see that when i talk to people they always defend themselves with saying: '' this is your belief'' or '' yeah, but that is what you think'' or '' it's your opinion''.

It is very difficult to talk to people who are brainwashed on what is common sense.
It is very difficult to talk to people who even though know what is going on in this world
will find a way to defend the atrocities that are happening in our names.

Because of this i am going to write some simple questions and comments so all of them could understand, nothing fancy at all, simple things.

We have a money system that is based on debt and interest on the debt that was lent. Now why do we accept and allow this as the only way our economy can run...?? Who the hell told you that you have to have it like this and how is it you can't seem to get out of it...?? Why are you so inclined to accept and allow it and act as if you can't do anything about it...??

Why are we incapable of understanding that the people we vote for are not going to change anything, because the only thing they know is; 'how to function within the system as it is, the only so-called solution they can come up with, is always either: ''cuts'' or ''raising taxes''...??  Is this all they have learned in their years spent in the universities..?? As the way they operate the only thing they know how to do is to find different ways to: ''cut'' and '' raise taxes''  and make laws and rules and regulations for, and get paid very well for doing this to. If this is not crazy enough for you, i don't know what is...??

If we all know that war-machines and all kinds of weapons kill people, destroy life....why do we built them and why do we accept and allow them to be built...?? Are we not accepting and allowing with this gesture that: '' those whom are not in agreement with us, we will kill them..??'' But yet everybody that consider themselves to be so-called: ''a good person'',will tell you that war is not ''good'' that war is ''bad'', it destroys are we crazy or what...??

 Is it not obvious that all physical bodies require sustenance, have some physical needs that are the same for each physical body..,..??  Why do we then create a system that does not support this...??? Why do we accept and allow a system like this to exist when we are all HERE...??

Does our thinking support our physical needs, by this i mean, if i think this way or that way and another also this way or that way, does this change the fact that all of us no matter what we think our bodies are still requiring the same needs...?? So why do we then use these ideas, thoughts as if they will matter..?? Our thoughts and ideas matter in the way we behave in this world, but then why not make it matter in a way we can all agree on those things we all know we all need that are exactly the same for everyone's physical body...?? I need to eat, so do you, i need comfortable clothes, so do you, i need clean water, so do you, i need health care, so do you, i need a decent house, so do you...??   Is this so difficult to understand...??? And there are a lot of luxury stuff that has become a commodity nowadays, but you get the picture. When it comes to education,education is what is needed for us to use to be more effective in living as physical beings on this physical earth with each other and other physical beings as well, not to use it as a means to ''believe'' or ''feel'' that you are somehow better then others or suddenly more. And this should be something that is freely given, because it is for the support of all life, it should not be a debt you have to pay, i mean why should you pay to be more effective in supporting life..?? Who told you this bullshit...??? So why do you accept and allow it then...??

So what makes us not understand these things then..?? Why can't we come to an agreement where we all work together and provide ALL with these needs we are ALL in need of, we all require as physical beings...??

Does profit support life or does it destroy it..?? I bet that those who are abusers will tell you that profit supports life, profit making systems..??  Is profit making, giving or is it taking...??

Why do we use phrases like: ''life is give and take" when we can clearly see that the planet we live on is only in a state of giving, from the food you eat to the technologies you have, the house you live in, the clothes you wear, everything, even your human physical body. But when it comes to us, we just want to take, take and take....what is wrong with us...??  The planet is in a cycle of giving and receiving, not give and take as we do believe, and because of this we say stupid things like the phrase i wrote up there in the first sentence of this paragraph, and even in this the word: '' give'' is misplaced, because we don't really give, we are just plane takers and no givers. It's just there in the phrase to make us ''feel'' better about ourselves, but it is not a reality, we don't give a f***.

So people please do use your common sense and see and understand that when we at desteni talk about ONENESS and EQUALITY............we are talking about that which is best for ALL living beings, ALL life all that is needed and required for us all to have a dignified life HERE on this planet where all know right now for sure they are HERE.

Support the equal money system and be one vote for world equality.

Don't be afraid to ask difficult questions to your peers, those you believe know more then you do, and also the systems that are in place. Question everything and go back in time and see for yourself how we each have participated in creating the mess that is HERE, that a lot of us want to escape from, but there is not an escape, we have to face ourselves and STOP and START all over, but this time we start really living as one as equals to each other and to all of life.

Check out:     and        Did you know you can learn a lot there...??   and not only that alone also learn how to become a responsible human being, and become the actuality of the change you want to see in this world, that you can't escape no matter how hard you try to do


Larry Manuela

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