Saturday, 1 October 2011

the problem with believes.

I had a simple realization today about believes.

People who are believers and it can be whatever they believe, all are dependent on the physical reality to validate their believes, they want to proof it by using some form of physical realism.

For example, those who are religious will validate their believes on the book and what is written within the books, which are physical and the only things that are real in this, is the books and the words as written down in ink. The story, that is written with the ink in the books is not real, and they can't proof it and so rely on the book and the written words in ink to validate that it must be true their story they believe in. Very

So no matter what they do,they have to use the physical reality. And yet they don't want to accept the physical as real and of importance.


Larry Manuela

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