Friday, 14 October 2011


When i looked within me i see how the more i have come to see the filth that we have created, how angry i became at myself and others as me, for we all are not taking our responsibilities for what we do and don't do.

The anger of the knowing that children are being raped.
The anger that children are dying in wars fought by/through adults.
The anger of children dying, because they have no food to eat.
The anger of those of us who are ''believing'' we are good people, because we follow some
stupid believe, that tell us that because we believe it, we are ''good people'' when the whole world is fucked, and ignored by and through these same bullshit believes.
The anger that politicians and voters are all deluded, and delusional to believe that they can somehow change what is natural in the system as the system by using system tools of old, rooted in greed and deception and lies when knowing they never worked.
The anger to see how we rest ourselves in believes instead of living life, this is all you can do with and as life, you can only live it, and only living it is beyond greatness.
The anger that we don't care for life, and yet our human physical body is an expression of/as life.
The anger that we believe we are incapable to do something about it, because it is too overwhelming, too out of our reach so to speak, when it is all created by and through our own participation in it, either directly or indirectly.
The anger to always wanting to save your ass, and not to save all asses.
The anger to exploit children to prostitution.
The anger of indulging in prostitution and pornography and explicit sexual contextual images and thoughts.
The anger of leaving it all for the sake of some God of sorts to sort it all out, but not me...!!!
The anger to choose your mind above life.
The anger to put importance in what is rooted in/as your mind in separation to life.
The anger to intoxicate yourself with alcohol  and all kinds of drugs, creating more mental bullshit in order to try to escape in your mind the reality your body is going through and not only yours, but all bodies.

I can keep on going forever with these anger that i felt once, but little by little i am receding them with being as my breath here, where reality has it's being.

Learn self-forgiveness, and be self-honest in this and breathe your way through in your application of living your self-forgiveness, so you become a real example of how to live as living actual physical expression in this physical reality.

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Here you will learn how to be a practical with a lot of care human being for once and for all.


Larry Manuela

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