Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Now i am going to ask some questions related to practicality and see if we can see within these questionings if we are practically acting in ways that are best for all, and that those things we hold as valuable are to be kept or thrown away forever more.

We start with: Money.

In the practical sense money is used in a form of debt.
Within this obviously one must be in debt always in order to keep the money machine/system functioning. And the debt if we can imagine it to be as a river is not going from source to to the shore, but from shore to the mountain peak where it all started. With this i mean the inventors of this system has made sure that the money flow to them always from the majority that is making the flow possible.  So where is the part that is best for all in this equation...???

Now we are going to look at: thoughts.

There is so many denomination regarding this phenomena.
But we look at it from a simple perspective. Just the act of thinking itself, just you having your random thoughts appearing and disappearing in your mind so to speak.
Because of appearences and disappearences of thoughts in your mind we can see in this world what inventions we have had, we see the laws we have made, the regulations, the believes, the technologies, and you name it, so in the practical sense, thought have produced allot of practical things we do and we use. Now within this process there are some things thought had pruduced that can be applied for what is best for all, but yet it is not being applied for that, because of various reasons, which we will see in the next word we will talk about.

 Now we move to: Emotions.

Now we have some emotions going on within us, be them good or be them bad it really doens't matter because they always seem to be part of the separation that is inherent in us, so our thoughts as what i have mentioned above are linked to these emotions so you will have in your practical world, the world outside, exactly the same things that are inside, which are; good/bad, right/wrong, positive/negative polarity separation going on. now within all this there is no place for what is best for all, because everyone is in separation and going about their bussiness in separation and selfishness.

Lets take now: feelings.

When we look at these we can see that the same applies for what is accountable for emotions, we have the polarity/separation going on all the time.

So within all this we can see that polarity/separation is not for what is best for all,  it is only what is best for oneself or a litle group within society, world society.

What is best for all is always in a practrical manner what is of oneness and equality, what brings about unity in practical ways and not just for oneself but for all selves.

For when it comes to thoughts, feelings and emotions, in order for one to act in ways that are for what is best for all, these are not neccessary at all. You do not have to have these to have a look at what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in your world and also in the world of others like you and not like you.

To live is to be practical, but practical in wholeness, in oneness and equality, in what is best for all, where life is honored in all it's manifestations as itself,where not one of it's manifestations won't see and recognize and honor that life, that is the one and only thing all really is, regardless of their form or formless.


Larry Manuela