Saturday, 9 April 2011

i am tired....

I am tired of the car.
I am tired of the party.
I am tired of the work.
I am tired of the believes.
I am tired of the people not caring.
I am tired of the goodness and the badness.
I am tired of the positive and the negative.
I am tired of the right and the wrong.
I am tired of the cultures.
I am tired of the languages.
I am tired people acting happy.
I am tired of poverty.
I am tired of wars.
I am tired of songs.
I am tired philosophies.
I am tired of all the spiritual doctrines.
I am tired of all the occult doctrines.
I am tired of all the stars, famous people in this world.
I am tired of all the modeling in this world.
I am tired of watching all the movies.
I am tired of all the news.
I am tired of all the parents educating the same shit to their children.
I am tired of having to talk allot of shit before i can get myself to experience sex with a woman.
I am tired of all the bullshit that men are doing in order to get attention of the women.
I am tired of all the bullshit women are doing to get attention of the men.
I am tired of all the stores that exist that are just here, because the owners want to make profit.
I am tired of all the hate that is here.
I am tired of all the shit that is here.
I am tired of all the buildings that are here.
I am tired of all the arts that are here.

All in all i am just tired of the shit man has come to produce that is not bringing equality and oneness to himself nor to other lifeforms.

Larry Manuela

Sunday, 3 April 2011

We're doing nothing....???

To most people that are not participating and are not in agreement with desteni will say, that what we are doing is nothing, with this they mean that we are just sitting and writing and do some vlogs and within all that we are believing that we are doing something, which within their view is that we are doing nothing, because to them doing something means to go out there, be in the field where things are happening, ground zero, as they say.

Now let me explain this situation here.
The reason we are doing what we are doing and especially in the initial stages, is because we already have had the realization that in order for change to be real in the world out there,we have to change ourselves first, and in the mean time we are busy doing that we are exposing ourselves, that is; we are writing or telling on videos how we are working on our thoughts, emotions and feelings that are the very fabric of the interconnectedness that we see out there. To give an example for those who can't understand what i am saying, it is like you have a Christmas tree with your Christmas lights and every time one of those lights start to go off, one by one till there is no more light. There is a reason why i have chosen to use this example in the reverse, because i know you would have like me to say it like lights going on and lighting up the whole tree, but in this case it is not so, because we are already lighten up as all individually participating on this planet and in so doing we create all of us together the shit, the fuckedness that is here as our experience. And all that is here that is of not being equal and one with that which is life, must go, and that is why i used the lights on the Christmas tree going OFF and not ON. So we are busy switching our lights off as destonians, because when the lights are on, you have the world you see out there...!!!

We have come to the realization that all that is here that we have used didn't work for each individually neither has it done something of real practical change for the whole group, it was always to separate us more, so we will never agree with each other to such an extend that we took this separation as if it is our nature, but it is not we have made it so and now we are expressing it as our nature, a believe that became our reality.

That is why i am doing self-forgiveness, self-honestly in common-sense to be applicable in my daily living, being here in every moment of breath to stop the continuation of this bullshit we have been accepting and allowing without ever questioning it, to stop myself in the midst of all this shit, my own shit and the bigger shit, that which we all create together. So than i know where i am in the midst of all this turmoil, all this goodness and badness bullshit that is going on and i take my stand for what is best for all life, i choose life.

I already know that i am going to, and i am having allot of pressure in the forms of attacks just because i have chosen life. The reason why they are attacking me is because of the way i am saying the shit, they believe that to be someone that really cares you must be modest and nice and talk nice and shit like that, but i won't, i would rather say the shit as it is, so i am more real when talking about it, because that is what it is, that is what we have accepted and allowed on this planet for a very long time, the abuse is immense on all levels.

There is a reason people pray that they so-called thank their god,it is mostly because they, themselves don't want the shit they see in this world on this planet in this lifetime happing with them or those they so-called love so much and these are mostly people who are close to them alone, and even this is to some extend.

So your prayers are only about your wantings and desires, be them good or be them bad, positive or negative or right or wrong.
Let me explain a little bit what i mean exactly with this.

If you see poverty in this world, you will pray to your god asking him to save you from not going through that what you have seen happening right here in the physical reality to your brother or sister, you will even thank him that you are not going through that shit.

And than you have the other example, this is where you see people living a life that you consider to be a good life, than you pray to your god and ask him if you to, could have some of that good living, and if you are already there living this ''good living'' you will than thank your god that he has granted you this living.

You all know that you're doing this, thanking your god for your daily bread and shit like that, while you already know why it is you are thanking him, because you can already see in the world that there are allot of people without food and without any means to get food, and you don't want this to happen to you nor your children. This very act, if you can call it that, if there was a so-called hell you will directly go there when you die.

So i will continue with exposing my shit and the shit we all create together that we see as the shit that is happening in the world on a greater scale, and i will continue calling it shit, till there is no more shit..!!!

Thank you.

Larry Manuela