Friday, 31 December 2010

family and festivities..

As it is today in the richman's house there will be festivities, regarding the turning of that which is termed: ''new years eve''
The clock is ticking and the hearts are beating faster, the memories are hurrying up to reach the finishline, to burst into tears, the grand explotion of emotions.
The father and the mother embracing their children and each other in the hope for a better year.
All the families and friends are crying of happiness, the fireworks are doing a great job in keeping the blood flowing and bubbleling up and prepair the soup with all its ingredients in the heart.

When all that is happening within the richman's house, in the poorman's house nothing have changed, it is the same pain, same sadness, the same suffering of this year, where they lost their only child, who died from hunger, and are in memory of the moment of that loss, when the year is ending and the other one is coming. What is of importance to this poorman when he have lost all that was meaningfull, what festivity could cheer him up....???

In the dawn of another new year as it is right now, some are dying because they don't have anything, some are loosing their lives, because they don't have anhything, some are praying to god, to please make it stop, but yet of no avail.

How long will we continue with our abuse and our ignorance and our selfishness in the face of those who suffer. When will you have enough of those new years, where the next one is going to be, as the same one that past.

And what pass, was just another moment where some have had an emotional explotion in being happy when others have had an emotional explotion of being lost in suffering.

Right now as you are having your emotional discharge in happiness, others are dying in suffering and never knowing of any festivity ever. But you did and you are still doing it, because you are the richman and the richman is suppose to have it all good, and will never ever consider for a moment the once that are not having it good, he doesn't care.

Every year we are celebrating with a lot of noise as possible, a jesture to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new, and it doesn't last long before the stillness arrive and end the noise.

Are you now ready to stand for all as one and equal with you into infinity...??
Let us walk together and end this stupidity of repeating every year the same explotion of emotions, be them good or be them bad.

Our clock is ticking and it permeates slowly but surely and when it arrives, you can only make a big noise, but the stillness will end the noise as always.

Love thy neighbour as thyself. Don't do unto others what you don't want them do unto you. Love your enemies. Nice principles..............but let us walk them together and make our lives meaningfull, where life itself is the greatest and only never ending festivity.

Larry Manuela

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

why the questions...??

As we all know, and for those who don't know, you must understand that your questioning is much, much more of importance then the answer your seeking, which in most cases you don't even know. don't you find it interesting and fascinating how every single being is much more capable of asking their own questions, but very bad at finding whatever the answer would be, isn't it strange...???

I will start this blog with simple perspectives, so anyone can understand them, i am not going to use big words in order to appear intelligent, because intelligence is limitation by all means.

Why do we question things....??? Probably it is when one is experiencing some dificulty in life, or something seem to be not fitting, it just does not seem right, it doesn't make any sense at all.

If one is very vigilant one can start asking these questions, and be critical at what are usually very acceptable under the common world population, here and there, there might be some differences, when it comes to culture and country and language, and believes, whatever they might be, but in general, things look very much the same everywhere. E.g. no-one can say they do not understand poverty, or they don't understand pain, be it an emotional pain or physical pain, it doesn't matter, anyone regardless of their position on the planet and their language, their believes, if they are intelligent or not, poor or rich, they all know these things, it is understandable by all, the experience of it all differ, but the understanding not...!!

Let us have a look at the earth. Why is it supporting us unconditionally when we are abusing it, and destroying it, for the purpose, or under the guise of profit, and profit is always linked to selfishness, never ever to equality and oneness. Profit is a ''gain'', ''having more then'' what do you gain when you are trying your best to have it all when you are a product of the very thing that is supporting you...?? this means that in the end, profit will lead to destruction, total destruction.

Now lets look at the formation of your entirety. If you are as your scientists are telling you a product of atoms coming together in a agreement, the same atoms that formed the earth, why is it that you are unaware of that where you came out of from....??? Don't you find it strange, that a scientist is looking at the very building-block of his/her whole physical manifestation, but yet cannot communicate with it in no ways whatsoever......??  How is this possible....??  And even to go as far as to give it a name, but yet not knowing at all what the heck that thing really is and don't understand it at all...?? What is keeping you of not communicating with that thing that you are...??  They are obviously communicating to each other to hold that thing you look at in the mirror, so what is going on...?? 

Now we have some things we call ''organs'' in our body, they are like systems and they seem to run on a automatic pilot, we don't direct them and we are unaware of their functioning in every moment we breathe. We are even unaware of our own breath in every moment, why is this...???

Can it not be that our mind might be the problem here....???  The thing that we accept unconditionally in our midst, without question.

Lets look at this mind thing. There are names for its levels. They call them: un-conscious, sub-comnscious, and the conscious. What most do not know is that the emotions and the feelings also belong to this machine.

Let us ask question and see where it will take us. As they say, the mind is leveled, now that means that all those three levels are within the mind, thus meaning that the mind is capable of holding them as one together. Now why is the surface level incapable of looking into the the levels under it, while the whole mind as the machine is functioning using all of them...??

why are you and i not aware of the sub-conscious and unconscious levels, when it is all here as the mind...??

Is a memory real....???  why then hold on to it, when it is not of your reality..??? Why does it vanish and leave no trase at all for you to find it, and would that be of any meaning when you find a memory. Is the memory not of  something always that has happend already, so why do we give it so much importance..??   Even if you can record it for the so-called future generation, a simple wipe out of the previous generation can make all that recording as none-existent. So what is our fear of loosing our memories if it can be wiped out anyways leaving no traces.....???

Imagine if you could live the fullness of what you are without harming another in its manifested expression, whatever the  manifestation of life that you choose to express yourself as, just live it completely out in every moment that you are here, would a memory of all that be valid, would it have any purpose, if i already lived the fullness of what i am as manifested expression....???  Does it make sense to you..???

I am going to use myself as an example. if i live me, larry full out, knowing already that this expression as Larry is going to be lived, just once, in this existence, and i live it full out, would a memory of what i already lived ful out be neccessary...??  It is only when i have missed something or didn't live me full out would i be looking for a memory, when i missed life.

So this means we are missing living all the time, because we are in our minds, the place where memories are, so putting the mind to questioin lead us to, the mind being not real. life is real, not the mind, that is why the people at desteni are saying to stop your mind, forgive you, and apply yourself in oneness and equality in every moment of breath, because there alone are you real and here. That is why i join them and i am in my process of stopping this machine that is running amock.

So you as me who have been searching, who have been saying that you want change in this world, i ask you to consider and look at what we create together and realize this first and stop it and then we can start walking as one as equals to be one as equals in every here moment of breath.

The ultimate and ''goodness'' is your oneness as equality as all as life right here, to take the road of no return because it is time to do so, if you are all serious about what you won't accept and allow within your world, it is the only way out, there no other way out, and i am not saying this from the perspective of a believe, but form the perspective of what is common sense,what we can all see and realize and understand regardless of what you believe and where you are from and how you communicate, it all doesn't matter as long as we know we are all one as equals to all.

Bye bye.....

Larry Manuela