Friday, 31 December 2010

family and festivities..

As it is today in the richman's house there will be festivities, regarding the turning of that which is termed: ''new years eve''
The clock is ticking and the hearts are beating faster, the memories are hurrying up to reach the finishline, to burst into tears, the grand explotion of emotions.
The father and the mother embracing their children and each other in the hope for a better year.
All the families and friends are crying of happiness, the fireworks are doing a great job in keeping the blood flowing and bubbleling up and prepair the soup with all its ingredients in the heart.

When all that is happening within the richman's house, in the poorman's house nothing have changed, it is the same pain, same sadness, the same suffering of this year, where they lost their only child, who died from hunger, and are in memory of the moment of that loss, when the year is ending and the other one is coming. What is of importance to this poorman when he have lost all that was meaningfull, what festivity could cheer him up....???

In the dawn of another new year as it is right now, some are dying because they don't have anything, some are loosing their lives, because they don't have anhything, some are praying to god, to please make it stop, but yet of no avail.

How long will we continue with our abuse and our ignorance and our selfishness in the face of those who suffer. When will you have enough of those new years, where the next one is going to be, as the same one that past.

And what pass, was just another moment where some have had an emotional explotion in being happy when others have had an emotional explotion of being lost in suffering.

Right now as you are having your emotional discharge in happiness, others are dying in suffering and never knowing of any festivity ever. But you did and you are still doing it, because you are the richman and the richman is suppose to have it all good, and will never ever consider for a moment the once that are not having it good, he doesn't care.

Every year we are celebrating with a lot of noise as possible, a jesture to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new, and it doesn't last long before the stillness arrive and end the noise.

Are you now ready to stand for all as one and equal with you into infinity...??
Let us walk together and end this stupidity of repeating every year the same explotion of emotions, be them good or be them bad.

Our clock is ticking and it permeates slowly but surely and when it arrives, you can only make a big noise, but the stillness will end the noise as always.

Love thy neighbour as thyself. Don't do unto others what you don't want them do unto you. Love your enemies. Nice principles..............but let us walk them together and make our lives meaningfull, where life itself is the greatest and only never ending festivity.

Larry Manuela

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