Wednesday, 16 March 2011

simplicity about money.

Now i am going to place some simple facts about money and how we live with it and how we accept and allow it to be as it is. I will do this in a format of questions.

Why do we put so much importance in money when it obviously can't really give you life...??
Why do we fight for it..??
Why do we work for it...??
Why do we sell for it..??
Why do we abuse for it...??
Why do we so-called ''live for it''.....??
Why does people even pray to have it, or to have more of it...??
Do we really have the money or is it being lent to us like  it is air that we can't hold in our hands...??
Do you study at school to be as best as you can be in expressing yourself or are you studying to earn money later, and do you earn it....??
When you have to earn whatever it is for a living is that freedom....??
Why invent such a thing as money when you already have everything here, that life have to offer...??
Is money a living being....??
Does it talk to you..??
Does it love you, or hate you....??
Or is it you, that have emotional attachments to it, and in so doing, make your living here in existence a difficult one...???
Can you eat money..??
Is what you are eating created out of money, did money create the food you eat,and i am talking about the animals, the plants, the vegetables...??
Was oil created of money...??
Was water created of money...??
Did money create anything for that matter....???

We all know it is just a tool we have come to use as a system of abuse and debt.....So now we are living the system of abuse and debt.

Most questions can be answered with a simple.......''for survival''.....!!!   right....???
So why do we survive....??
What has survival to do with life....??
Why is survival here...???
Where did it all start...??
What is the purpose of survival if you die anyways...??
And why is death here ending survival, what does death want to tell us by being itself....??
Is it not so that only that which is not real can end, and has a beginning....???
Is death trying to make YOU see something, trying to make you understand something,that you are not really living...??
Now,where does death happens...?? inside life, or outside of life...can all this be...?? 
Life is.....................HERE, and HERE is EVERYWHERE....!!!!

For the sand of the Saharah, it's expression as and within itself is here.
For every individual; human being, plant, animal, everything is here, wherever they are.
For the man in Japan on the streets walking, the whole walking with everything that goes with it is here for him, as is for everything else no matter where they are............the seen and unseen.

What would equal money do.....???  EQUALIZE LIFE, give life back to life, value life as life back.

So if you have a dream, let it be the dream of life, not anything else, because it would not be life if it is not life......common 
I would consider not dreaming of life but just live life.

Bye bye

Larry Manuela

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