Wednesday, 18 May 2011

haven't you seen, haven't you noticed.??

If the books of wisdom will be gone, what would happen to us, those whom adhere to them.??
Would we still exist..??
Would we still do what we are now still doing..??
Would we loose our minds as they say.??
Will the poor, still be poor..??
Will the rich still be rich..??
Will war still be here..??
Will we suddenly have no power at all, because the books are no more..??
Will the animals and nature dissapear..??
Will the universe just stop, because the books are gone..??

And will life still exist..??
Will death ends..??

One thing is certain, man has given power to a book or books and yet the books outlive
So now men is less then the books.


Larry Manuela

Saturday, 14 May 2011

tears of cries.

In the face of pain many cries.
In the face of sudden happiness, many cries.
In the face of death, many cries.

Some cries can be explained, some can't.
But why is it necessary to cry.?
Does it imply that i am being emtional.?
why am i emotional, does the emotion change the happening.?
Or does the emotion only give me a feeling as if without it i won't know the experience or
the experience won't be valid.?
Can i rely on experience.?
I can see that experiences change, it is not something stable, it's soul purpose is for me to seek emotions within me, and within all this the cycle continues.

When i breathe, and i am one with my breath, i am stable.
I am totally here.
To be here in truth cannot be written, it can be explained by those who are here as here is here.
But to me as not being one and equal with my breath yet i cannot talk about me being HERE.
Here is the I AM, and allthough i know in theory what this means, it is not me as I AM yet.

So my sentence above where i say: '' i am totally here'' is just an anology of me having a realization of me as breath in that moment that i am here.
But to be ''totally here'' is to be the I AM.
The i am of me right now is the i am of the mind, not the I AM of all as one as equal as life.

Have you seen animals cry, i mean tears coming out of their eyes when they are in pain.?
You can see and interpet that they must be in pain, but you don't see tears coming out of their eyes, and run on their faces down.

Why is it so..??
Because the animal is going through pain, but yet no tears.
Maybe that animal is not going through the emotions that you go through when you are in that kind of pain.??
I have to get back on this subject of tears, because it is interesting, that the animals go through pain but they don't shatter tears, and yet we do..??


Larry Manuela