Sunday, 23 October 2011

War crimes and equal money system.

First of all, before i continue with my blog here, i must address that WAR in itself will not exist in an equal money system. War in all it's manifested forms is a crime against life, all life. No matter how much one belief that one is protecting oneself and one's family or nation, war is always in all ways  a criminal activity. So if you who are reading this are a soldier or was a soldier understand that you are and you were a criminal and you actively participated in killing other human beings for whatever reason you may want to justify what you did as a soldier. War is totally unacceptable..!!! We should not even be talking about this bullshit, but for now we have to, because we have accepted and allowed ourselves to fall so low, that we are ready at any given moment to destroy other people's lives and all in the name of greed and power.To protect our so-called freedoms from others.

Now the whole lot of justice systems in this world have laws that are against criminals that commit crimes when they were participating in war abroad or in their own country. The stupidity/absurdity of this alone is beyond imagination. First of all the laws are accepting and allowing war to exist, we even have a defence minister for crying out loud and allowing soldiers to be trained to kill people, that is their jobs, that is what they are being drilled to do, and finally when they do go out and perform what they have been drilled to do, and they get a little more crazier( fun in their terminology) than expected they are being prosecuted for doing so. There is just no justice at all in all this none sense. The laws are then prescribing that killing is o.k. and it should happen only in an orderly fashion, in this case, to kill other soldiers or anyone whom are consider to be the enemy.

The very industry that supports war in itself is not being prosecuted at all. I am talking about the law makers, the weapon engineers, all the tax-payers, the government, every high and low ranking officer in war, including every soldier or marine or special forces, everyone and each is responsible for a war to take place in this world, even the countries who are not involved where the war is taking place, you know: ''ground zero''

In an equal money system all these people will be institutionalized  and  be supported and assisted to deprogram themselves using the tools of self-forgiveness and self-honesty, corrective application and breathing, till they can stand as one as equals to all life. So those who are in jail right now, will just be relocated into institutions where they will be educated how to live for real in this world practically without harming nor abusing life in anyways whatsoever. Of course there are those who have completely lost it, that cure is no more possible, these people will just be institutionalized and supported in the best way possible till the day will come and they breathe their last breath.

Jail in there manifested form will not exist in an equal money system, only institutions for rehabilitation.

Criminals who has been sentenced in jail for having done cruel crimes, hard core crimes, like killing other people, raping and abusing, will go directly in the rehabilitation institutions in this world to be educated on how to live as one as equals in a society where only equals live. And criminals who has been sentenced because they have stolen or have been dealing in drugs will be let free, but must go to the re-education just like any other human being is going to be going through, again to learn to live as equals here in this physical reality, practically. And they are going to have to proof it by their living application to show if they understood what they have learned,and that they can be trusted with life. Understand that this is a process that every individual human being is going to go through, all are going to learn how to live practically without harming nor abusing life in it's entirety, thus a complete re-education will take place. The educational system will be completely new.

There will be only one law, and that is: '' what is best for all life always in all ways, everywhere''

Every decision is going to be based on that one law, every thing made and produced to, always taking all life in consideration. The engineers and scientists who are right now building weapons will also go through the re-educational program and will use their talents to come up with machines that support and assist all life for the benefit of all life at the utmost degree that they are capable to perform in a given moment. Everything will be given to them, there will be no limits as is of right now, everything will be provided for, for them to come-up and built the best possible equipment or machines to support and assist all life.

Those who are soldiers right now and that have learn how to build roads and bridges and learn how to assist within difficult times, will be given their talents to restore the damage we all have done in this world and will help rebuilding the structures and will also be very helpful in distribution of necessary needs in the places that are right now without any. So those of you who believe that in an equal money system there will be nothing to do and all the none sense, as you can see, there will be a lot of work to be done in the initial stages to put everything in gear for the world that will be the place where life is dignified for every living creature.

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Larry Manuela

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