Friday, 14 October 2011

Was it that Jesus died for your sins, or Jesus died for the forgiveness of your sins...??

A long time ago this was a discussion between me and a friend of mine, it was a time when i was very much into studying the bible, looking for answers and trying to give meaning to all the shit that is HERE.

So the discussion we were having was about Jesus dying for our sins, or Jesus dying so that our sins can be forgiven. According to the bible my friend was right, that Jesus died for the forgiveness of our sins, but by looking back at this bullshit right now in common sense, there are lots of points within this discussion. Why..??

First of all Jesus being a scapegoat and second the whole concept of needing to be of sin, being a sinful person, a kind of debt you have to pay to god. Thirdly Jesus cannot personally delete the shit you have done using forgiveness, it is a tool that you have to use yourself, and walk/live your forgiveness for it to be valid. And the world is the proof for this, because Jesus was killed but yet all is the same and even getting worse with each passing day, or better yet, with each passing hours, soon it will become minutes and than seconds. Soon to become the perfect compounded effect of all of our abdication of our responsibilities. The great fucked up consequences we have been creating since day one. If our input was ''what is best for all'' since day one, our output(consequences) would have been the same: ''what is best for all''

Right now our input is: ''what is best for me, and fuck the rest'' so our output is exactly that the rest being fucked by me. All the me's that have a best way of living, and this is just to say so, because in reality those who are looking like they are having and living as the best are all controlled by/through money, without that money they are nothing, their lives have no meaning. They will not know how to live. They only know how to fuck others so their lives can look like they are living as the best.

So my friend was implying that Jesus died so God can than through Jesus death forgive us for what we have done. What the fuck...!!

With this God is than saying and implying to the believer that only an INNOCENT, because Jesus was innocent had no sins as the rest, have to be sacrificed in order for God to so-called forgive those who believe in ''him,'' those who do not believe in him who created them in the first place are going to be left out, are going to be fucked by this so-called God of goodness, God of love.

So in this bible you have lots of contradictions, because here you have Jesus telling people to forgive one another and yet, he himself as an innocent must give his own life as an innocent for the forgiveness to work, so in other words, you have to come to a point of being innocent for the forgiveness to work. So how the fuck is this Jesus in the bible expecting the sinners to forgive one another when the fuckers are all not innocent at all...?? They're all living as sinners according to the bible, and sinners can't forgive no-one because you have to be innocent. That is why Jesus told the masses to; ' to let the children come to me'

So our children are pure expressions of innocence, when we rape them and take their innocence away by teaching them the ways of the world, the ways of the system of the world, where the so-called SINNERS are teaching the INNOCENT how to become SINNERS.  How fucked-up is this..!!

So you can see in the paragraph above that all is in reverse, it is us the grown-ups who have to learn from the children how to become innocent again. I don't think there is a big enough jail in this world to hold all the sinners of this world as parents who are raping the hell out of their own children in this world.

So let us use forgiveness as a tool and correct ourselves from all the misconceptions and delusions we have created in this world and stop believing in whatever, and start living for real. And let us learn from our children instead of raping them all the time of their innocence.

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Larry Manuela

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