Thursday, 12 January 2012

2012, When the Anger Grows more.........

Have you noticed that little boy crying in the middle of the streets because father, mother and sister died, shot dead by enemy soldiers invading their country, because in their country they have something of value for the enemy, because in the country of the enemy there are a lot of people who are like drug addicts looking for the next high in whatever form of energy. They live a rich life in a system of abuse, in a system where the few rules over the majority.

what would happen to this little boy...??  would he become a soldier to later on and do his best to vengeance his family's death..?? Most probably he will have so much hate in him that it will consume him to the brink of killing someone. What would you do if you were in his shoes..??

Have you noticed the little girl with his little brother looking in the piles of waste on the waste land, to see if they can find some food the rich threw away, and can still be edible. While they are searching for this edible food they are also playing and for an outsider like for example a christian they will say: '' look at them, they are poor but yet  very happy''   Are they happy, because they are playing and laughing doing things all kids do...?? How dare you to believe this bullshit and even open your mouth and say such atrocities..!!

Have you noticed the old cripple lady looking all worried, counting her last cents she has, because the government has taken very harsh austerity measures to insure that the banks stay alive, because the banks are more valuable then life, they MUST be number ONE when it comes to saving something of value. Never mind the people, it doesn't matter if we can squeeze some more little money they have got left out of them,they can handle it, they were always very, very good slaves, they always do whatever we tell them to do, they never complain. So let that old cripple lady be worried, they are used to being worried anyways. No big thing at all.

Have you noticed how the rapers are seeking more pleasures these days...?? the anger in them grow so much because they are being noticed and because of this they are going on a more brutal hunting for little girl or boys, trying their best to lash out brutally to get their fantastic moment of extreme excitement, extreme energy possession in the form of orgasm, wonderful isn't it...?? All those pastors who had in one way or another swing their digs in some poor girl or boy's faces, treating them as sex slaves, in the name of their great religion, their powerful God.

Have you noticed the crazy hype of those whom are ready to ascend to greater planes of existence, because of their believes of themselves being ready and that they have learnt their lessons. But did they really learn anything...?? because last time i checked the whole earth is in a  complete mess, and none of these ''wishing ascended fuckers'' have done anything, that i would consider: ''job well done, mission accomplished..!!'' It is a complete  failure, so if one of you who is ready to ascend understand that you will be going to that place where they take those who didn't pass their  In your case it would be something compare to the imaginary HELL. Because even in your failure, you didn't rectify, but tried to save your own ass alone. So for saving your ass, you get an ASS-HELL burn. I can see this all play out already, little and big asses being put on the stick as barbeque, wonderful isn't it...??  I mean it is nothing compare to the shit you have accepted and allowed to happen to others like you HERE on this planet.

Let's look at our dear, dear soldiers who have chosen to be soldiers, because of their believes( here we go again, that BELIEVE, it seems to be everywhere, where is shit), their believe that they can protect their country and their families. But i mean haven't you noticed that when you go to war, you don't just kill people, you also get killed, maybe if you are lucky with all the knowledge and information you have gathered training your ass of to become a perfect soldier you can come back home. But understand that meanwhile you were out in another country, you left those whom you were suppose to protect behind, are they being protected when you are not even present, and even if you were present and they kill you, can you still protect them when you have died..?? This whole protecting believe based on fear is so childish and stupid. You can't protect no-one if you yourself can be killed like them. To invent a whole game of war, believing that shit, and get yourself into a mode of a killing machine is beyond insanity.

Religious people i am telling you, you will get very angry at this God of yours when you are going  to call upon him in the most difficult hours and he won't answer, because now that you have money, and you live in a country where you have some freedoms, because you have a job and can get money doing that job, it all looks like this god is answering your prayers, and you have those few occasions that you use as proof, when for example someone gets operated on and you prayed and the person came out good out of the operation, in your mind it was god's work, but in reality it was just the doctor's work, his/her profession at work. But you will never know will you...?? Because you will never test it out, test it out by not praying and see if the operation can also come out successful... So the time for you to find out if your god exists or not will knock on your door very soon, and please don't ask me how soon...?? That day it will be your day to find out if your god exists or not..?? The craze must STOP in this world, and only we can do it.

So the Anger within humanity will continue rising, and it will become worst and worst. Remember you brought it on yourself, because you didn't want to live another way....!!! One that is best for all.

So people please, let us put our hands together and stop this stupidity of  this thing we are saying we are living, because it is not living at all it is pure existing to destroy yourself and others, no point at all to all this mess.


Larry Manuela

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