Monday, 9 January 2012

2012, Is It Not Just Wanting/Wishing and trying to escape Death..??

Now let's have a look at this, and i am going to use my own point of reference when i to, used to believe in stuff like this, in delusions of grandeur  like this. Understand that those who are presenting the whole 2012 doom or marvelous event are all using great and wonderful, and powerful color presentations as to make it look all spectacular, a happening of grandeur.

When we take a very closer look at this, it is more about the fear of Death, that is inherent in all this 2012 hype. Because there are talks going the round,that earth is going to magically raise it's vibration to a higher frequency and all those who are ready so to speak(full of enlightenment) are going to magically also take part in this magical event, of the rise of the vibration in earth's  density and all the none-sense that's going on and are being portrayed on the web. Or that the earth is just going to be destroyed in some way or another.

But an interesting perspective to notice is that, most of them really want to escape this reality of earth, and this escape is rooted in the fear of death, they don't want to die, they want to live forever, and they believe that if they managed to get into another vibratory existence of a higher density they will automatically then have a more suitable body, one of light that lives much much longer, or that even lives forever.

All their master teachers and guru's are convinced that we all have a higher body of light full of love, capable of great longevity and believing that this body is our so-called true-self, the part of us that is really true, that is real, this body we are in now is just an illusion, it's where we play the game of physicality for awhile and then we move out of it, because there were lessons we needed to learn. Now understand that they are also believing in that same breath,that this higher body is the body that is bestowed from the creator itself and has the same powers and capabilities as it's maker, it's creator, it's a very powerful body, it cannot be killed, knows everything and all the none-sense that goes with it,when one is dealing with these delusional matters.

They are never questioning,how it is that if you already know everything, that you still need to learn some lessons, and by the time you are HERE, you don't even remember where you come from and you are not aware of you being this HIGHER- SELF within this physical manifested body. Let me give you a physical real manifested scenario as an example that is most recognizable in this world, one we can all relate to in some way or another. Imagine you stepping into your car, and you know you are going to drive from point A to reach point B. You know exactly how you're going to drive, you know how to drive, you know exactly what roads to take and everything. Now this is what happens, when we use this as a comparison to the higher-self in the human body delusion. The moment you get into your car, suddenly, you don't know anymore in what ways whatsoever, who you are, where you came from, how you got into the car, where you suppose to go and how you suppose to get there, you are not aware even that you are alive in the car, you don't know anything about the car, the functionality of the car, how the thing drives,and nothing about yourself either when in the car, just nothing and have not any control whatsoever when you are in the car, the car is just driving on it's own, till it have some fatal crash and then when you are lying there outside the car on the floor with blood all over, you will then come to your senses and then in that moment know that you were in a car.....???   I mean how lunatic is this....??? Now is this what a all knowing higher-self would be like...???

So this whole thing of 2012 with the ascension delusion is deep down, very very deep, the FEAR of DEATH..!!

And as you can see in the fear of death, people are always selfish, they always want to save themselves first and leave, everyone and everything behind, and all this for a believe of delusional grandeur. Trying their best to abdicate their responsibilities.


Larry Manuela

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