Saturday, 2 July 2011

me and you and them

Some common sense using ordinary words.

You can't be like me, otherwise it won't be you.
You can only be you, if you know who you is.
when you find out who you is, you will see the me
that all the them's are saying they are, all individual you's as me's.

So you will realize that in them all of them is a you that is me.
And all the you's will say if you ask them: ''i am'' ''it's me''
But none of the you's will see that in them is the me that is in all of them.

But as you's, they will kill allot of other you's to proof to themselves that them is not me.
But in this their numbers as them is diminishing, when they kill all the other you's that also say like them; ''it's me''

So if you were not them and you kill them it will not be possible for them to become less as you's, because they were
suppose to not be you, who walk around as all the me's.

Could it be that simple that just because we have the words: me, you and them  makes it possible for us to not be us. In this case the word us is much more powerful and denotes more oneness and equality then: me and you and them...........but if you add: me+ you+ them= us................right..??

So why does me and you and them kill each other when it is all us....??


Larry Manuela

1 comment:

  1. Each one is one with oneness.

    Each equal is equal with equality.

    Each equal one is equally one with equality and oneness.

    Each one, equal, is one, equally, with oneness and equality.


    'me' 'you' and 'us' are caught in the middle

    Breath remains...