Sunday, 13 November 2011

Why the fascination with ASSES...??

Lets look at this for a while.
Here we are as human beings and there are lots of other beings,lets give them the name that scientists are given them  ''mammals''

Now if you noticed and pay attention, you will see that most of them if not all have their excretion taking place in the back, where they can't look at it directly, it must happen way back.

And if you have a closer look within sexuality of this world this ASS is being given much attention and believe it or not, it plays a very important role in this game of sexuality, either you are a ASS-lover or not.
The woman will do anything to have a great looking ASS, because they know, they can reel in a guy much easier if they show a little bit of ASS, and it doesn't really matter how the ASS looks like, if it is; small, large, fatty looking, or whatever, as long as the image is imprinted into the minds of men with their likes and dislikes, that somehow that ASS must have something to do with it all in order to find someone attractive or not. And understand this is also the same when it comes to women looking at ASSES of men. And men also give their attention and necessary boost for the ladies to somehow like them so they can get into a sexual experience with them. It is you selling yourself and putting yourself in as a product and you are using your ASS to sell yourself, and the profit you will have is when you get to engage into sexual intercourse.

So why did God mystified and hypnotized us so much so that without this ASS, our sexual attention would be very low. I know that some of you would say: '' not me, i am not a ASS-lover..!!!! ''
As i said already, even when you are not a ASS-lover still it influences your decision making when choosing a mate, and it goes both ways, either it is a female-mate or a male-mate. And i am talking here about how you look at the physical body during your search for lessening  your sexual appetite.

So the ASS is like a final door, where the waste will go out of the system as the body.
So now, why did God made this body so that it must produce waste in order for the ASS to be the final destination of the waste out of the body. Meaning your ASS, is the last place your shit is going to see when leaving your body, and then it is goodbye forever. You have done great work accumulating the waste products of  metabolism and other waste materials that are not of any use in the body anymore, so now is your time to

So why did God create this ASS, what was ''his'' fascination with ASS, so much so that he had to give the human that round thing in the back with a crack in it...???
Why did god made the ASS to be attractive, be influential in looking for a mate..??

Now the ASS, has become especially in the entertainment industry a very important item, or advert, luring product for selling the body in many forms.
If you have a look at the ''stars'' the famous people in this world, they all have this fascination and this paying attention to their ASSES, they're choosing clothing that will make the ASS look so-called better. Now all this bullshit about how the ASS should look like and stuff is not important at all, because the ASS is fine for sitting on it, and also the fat/meat around the ASS-hole is there somehow for the protection from the environment, because this ASS-hole is very important for the excretion of the body, it must go out, and the ASS-hole is it's only way out, there is no other way that excretion can go out, but through and by that back door which we call the ASS-hole.

Everything you like or don't like about how an ASS should or should not be looking like is all programmed into you, through your environment you find yourself in, your culture. If you are born in a country where the majority of people have big ASSES, that would be your preference in most cases. If you are born in a country where the ASSES are a little Flat so to speak, you will not be attracted that easily to big ASSES. Now in this world you have all kinds of forms of ASSES, and all those ASSES have their particular lovers. But all in all, it makes you form an opinion about the act that you want to perform which is SEX. You have an idea that if the ASS is looking the way, you would like the ASS to look in your little bubble somehow you are going to have so much greater sex, because you have found the kind of ASS that arouses you, but you won't be very open about it. Because there is this taboo around it to. You make jokes about it with your friends and stuff like that, but you don't really take it to the depths of how it really influence you when looking for a mate to have sex with.

And on top of all this the ASS is being seen as this vile and dirty thing, the place where you should not go so to speak, but at the same time it attracts you, funny isn't it...???

So your ASS is showing you that you like so much the dirt, the vile, the waste that it even arouses you, when you are in denial of saying all those nasty and ugly and vile and dirty things about the function of your ASS. It is something you like to hide, put it somewhere far away, way in the back, where you don't have to smell nor see your own waste, exactly what you do with other wastes in this world, far away removed from your sight, but yet you keep on making more and more of it, and profit from making more of it.

So as you can see, your ASS has become a money making machine, in how it looks and also for what it does, which is the exit of your excretion.

Now that the pile of shit you produce is so big that you start to smell it from far away, you start to become worried that it will be in your backyard, and you don't want it there, you want it far away from you maybe in someone else backyard but not yours.

So the Shit is going to hit the fan and you are going to smell and see the shit you tried so hard to hide it from sight.
We should not be producing so much waste, it is not necessary, and we can change this by changing ourselves and bring about the equal money system where waste will be taken care of as should be and very little of it will exist. Because we will not produce shit that pile more shit to gain a profit, to make money.

And our ASSES will not be influential as of for us to get what we desire and want, when it comes to sexuality and money, in relation to our fears of survival.

So let us give our ASSES the value that it should have had, as all the other parts as your human physical body one and equal.


Larry Manuela

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