Friday, 12 August 2011

Why youtube why...??

As many of us had come to see allot of videos of desteni has been removed by youtube and they don;t have any real viable reason to do this.
The only conclusion one can come to is that someone who is paying youtube has requested this.

Now what does that mean about us with our message...??

It means that what we are saying and have been saying, and it is all about; being self-honest, self-forgiveness, about the history of mankind from the dimensions, exposure to the things we do and not do, our selfishness, oneness and equality, writing ourselves to freedom, being HERE, breathing etc etc.....

Now just because we are taking on all that is HERE and put it in front of our faces and your faces so we can see how it is we are abusing life on all levels, how we are creating all that is HERE ourselves, we are being removed.

This means than that we are saying and have been saying is getting allot of people very upset. Look at all that is on youtube, they don't care about them and remove their channels.

So i would say: '' thank you youtube for making me even more aware of what i am doing is what is really best for all, what all don't want in this world, they would rather have a world where only a few could have what is best for them on the expense of others like them on the same planet that is providing for all life equally''


Larry Manuela