Wednesday, 24 August 2011

a question about life...???

Have you not noticed and question why it is most if not all do not know what life is....??

The moment one ask the question to anyone in this existence: ''what is life,''   they all have different interpretations and reasons as to answer what life is. Very fascinating.!!

So i ask myself the question over and over: '' how come me and all the rest is alive, we know we are living, that we are living beings, but yet none of us have the same answer to the question of what life is...??? When we are all experiencing the same life.

Could it be that the very thing we are using to question with is and can be the  problem and the very thing that does not know what life is, but yet it is here...??

Because words are of the mind, and when questioning, we are using words that are of the mind, so how come we can't all use the same words even in different languages and give the same answer when the question of: ''what is life'' is being asked...??

So that concludes that the mind does not know what life is, otherwise that question would not have existed ever. The very quest for life is and means that you do not know what it is, and yet you are alive, ra ra ra, how can that be....???

So within common sense one can see very clearly and obvious that the mind does not know what life is, and this means that it must never ever experienced life then...??  It never experienced being alive, otherwise it would have known what life is, that question would not exist ever in the mind if it knew what life is. And this means that if we are using that thing we call; 'mind' to interpret life, we are then not ever going to find out, because it doesn't know, it has no answer, because the mind is here for a very long time and has been with humanity for centuries upon centuries and generations upon generations and yet it doesn't know what life is.

For many people they don't ask these simple questions and yet when asked they would say: ''why bother..??''
Then immediately the question becomes difficult, and yet it is suppose to be a very obvious question when you realize how the fuck it is i am questioning life, when i am alive. I am not suppose to ask a question regarding something that i am, i can't be; 'not knowing' what i am, when i am what i am..??
So common sense dictates then that the only way i am going to find out what life is, would be not in participation of the mind or using the mind for the the obvious question, i should be looking to be one and equal to that very thing i am asking question about which is: ''life.''

And if i am one and equal with life, would i then question life...??  Wouldn't i be living as life then one and equal..??

So the mind is not life.


Larry Manuela

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