Monday, 29 August 2011


Now i was looking at this point within our world and was asking myself, why are we so stupid to have come to accept prices without any real knowledge as of who is deciding what should be the price of any goods or services.

And the brainwashing is so extensive that people tend to look at the price of some goods/product and based on the whole brainwashing in their own little country consider the price to be high or not, and using comparison of what the price used to be in the past, it can be a distant past or a near past. But no-one is questioning how the heck they came to accept and allow a group of people to decide what price should be given to goods/products and/or services. Someone just made it up and then everybody else followed like sheep, and the whole market forces delusion is just that a delusion, because those so-called market forces that they are saying are determining the prices are all run by human beings, it is human beings playing with numbers.

And the numbers are all already determined by people like you and me.
They are telling you that because we have limited resources and every time the resources get diminished and the demand is increasing the price must go up to hold the balance between the resource that is diminishing and the demand that is increasing but this has it's time where there could just be no more of the resources left for any demand that would exist, because the balance is a lie.
You cannot balance something that is limited, that can become none existent, like the resources we are using, once it's done it's done, no matter how much demand there is for it, so there is no way to balance it.

It is all just a big lie from those in so-called power to continue with their fear of survival, where they believe with all their hearts that they MUST no matter what try whatever and however they can to gain more and more of that thing that is called: ''money'' in order to be on the save side, to be in the position where they are the winners. But at the end of the day the cruel reality will dawn upon them that they as all of the rest were all losers, because how can you win when you continue depleting the resources of the very home you are living in/ this case EARTH.

So the only so-called balancing that is going on is in the numbers in the computers put their by and through men. There is where the balancing is going on, but not in the real world where if what is used is not being used properly it will diminish and eventually not exist anymore.

So why are we so inclined with this money, money, money...??

Yes we have come to an agreement even though it was passively done, that money should be the point of exchange, but money instead has become a way to buy your survival, because that is what we are really busy doing;'buying our survival out'

This means that the creators of this money has attached a string to it, so they can always pull it back from you to them again, and that string is: ''DEBT''

Now what happens is, you are now in a position that you have to owe someone in order to eat, in order to sleep, in order to protect your body from the environment, in order to take care of your health, in order to educate yourself, all the basic needs that are of importance to your human physical body are now something you owe someone.

This should not be so, because we as humans all of us have a physical body that is in need of all these things and as a matter of fact our earth is providing all these things for us for free. But no, we had to find a way to mess things up by making our bodily survival difficult and in doing this we mess up the way we live with each other and the animals and the plants and the whole earth itself. what a mess..!!!!

So i looked at people when they are walking around and are trying to buy things, and how they look at the prices and say: ''OMG, this is to expensive........or OMG this is very cheap''
But within all this what they're doing, they don't even know that they are in actuality participating in an illusion created by the magicians, the numbers, the price is fictional not real. The thing you are looking at or you are trying to buy has a price you did not participate coming up with, the only thing you did was accept it as real and allow it to be as a value, where you can compare one product with another and believe the one should be more or less expensive, or more or less cheaper.

The value you see of the product or item you want to purchase or for the service you want to pay, is only that in your head, put there for you to do your magic trick with believing yourself to know it all, that you can really value things based on prices....what a joke..!!

When in reality this pricing of things based on fictional and delusional values has taken the real values out of things, of goods, of resources. Because now, the price is much more important then the resource, the price is now determining the value of the resource, and not the resource itself as itself having it's value as of what it is, and can be used for.
The real value of any resource is what it can truly contribute to support all life equally, how it can be produced and shared as best as possible to all life.

That is why we need an equal money system where all what is HERE is taken good care of and for and provided for in the best ways possible and bringing as little or no harm at all to what is HERE. We make then together our experience HERE on this planet one that is truly pleasant and truly worth living so when we leave this planet we leave a planet where our children and their children are proud of what those who went before them has left them with.
If you are one who really cares, one who has had enough of all the abuse in this world on all levels i will suggest you join us and help us come up with more great ideas as how to come about with the implementation of this new, really totally new system that takes everyone and everything into consideration always.


Larry Manuela

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