Sunday, 28 August 2011

why the taboo on death of animals.

I don't know if anyone have noticed, but there is this point i have realized that is very fascinating.

You see whenever.....ooh yes, before i continue let me say that this is a point i see in myself when looking at it, how i see the whole thing.
So whenever we come across a animal who has died, you know, you just happen to walk somewhere and you stumble on a dead animal lying on the ground, there is this ''feeling'' and ''thoughts'' about the death of this animal, it is almost like, because it is not everyday that someone comes across dead animals lying around i mean; 'that death have come and give them a visit, this is something you tend to be more apparent as with humans, but not animals'

It is not like we walk and encounter dead animals all over the place, or we are hearing of dead animals being found all over the place, you know like people are dying..??   Remember i am not talking about the animals that are being slaughtered or killed by other animals, but animals that die of natural causes as they say, it is just their time to go.

Why i was looking at this point is because Bernard was talking about; 'us humans can also eat of the animals that has just died of natural dead'
And when i look at all this i see within myself that when i was used to come across a dead animal when i was younger it was like a strange thing to look at, because in my life it seem as if animals don't die that much, it's almost like they can live very long, so when you encounter one of them that you always assume that maybe it got poisoned or was killed somehow by another animal that is it's predator, but mostly we don't see the whole thing as a normal natural death that could have happened, this is in my experience then to say the least.

And because of that then is this fear that the meat of this animal is not good to eat anymore, because now you can get poisoned if you eat that meat, meat of the dead animal who just died of natural causes, it's day has come to

This means that our interaction with the animal  kingdom  is now almost nothing, because when i look at where i live now, i can almost say that i haven't come across any dead animal lying on the road or something or in the bushes if there is some dead animal it is maybe because they have some tragedy with being hit by a car or something, but to just lay there because it's day has come is almost not happening.

This is so interesting, because then it gives one the impression that animals don't die that much and often as humans due to natural causes, it is like they go living forever, but the reality is, it is us who are so separated from them and their reality that makes us believe that they are not dying like we are dying of natural causes like we do, their day has come and they have to go


Larry Manuela

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